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Staffing and recruiting topics on the cannabis industry from the recruiters at M&F Talent.

HHS Recommends Changing Cannabis to a Schedule 3 Drug

DEA Now to Consider Changing Cannabis to a Schedule 3 Drug There have been some interesting new developments in the cannabis industry over the past month. On August 30, 2023, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent a groundbreaking recommendation to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regarding the rescheduling of marijuana. In

Navigate the Cannabis Job Market with Ease

Tips and Insights for the Cannabis Job Market  In recent years, the cannabis industry has undeniably been on the rise, presenting numerous opportunities for those seeking employment. However, breaking into this burgeoning field isn't always as straightforward as one might imagine. Despite the industry's rapid growth, securing gainful employment can be a challenge for many

Technology Jobs in Cannabis

Technology Jobs in Cannabis Every year, M&F Talent sees more technology jobs in cannabis. Unlike more “traditional” facets of cannabis work - related to plant-touching tasks like growing and processing - tech jobs are a new phenomenon. The legitimization of the industry has directed an innovation boom where tech companies now feel comfortable allocating resources

COVID-19, Cannabis, and Horticulture – The Current Job Market

What You Should Know About COVID-19, Cannabis, and Horticulture Jobs At M&F Talent, we are wishing health and safety for our network during these difficult times. While many people have had their careers disrupted, or perhaps are working from home, it’s important to stay positive and keep motivated. While business has slowed a bit, our

Want to be a Cannabis Professional?

Federal Law Forces Cannabis Professionals to Prove Themselves Embodying what it means to be a cannabis professional is a key component in establishing and preserving the quality of the cannabis industry. In this case, the word "professional" extends far beyond just simply working in the industry and getting paid.  As any other industry requires, maintaining

Cannabis Industry Job Statistics by Leafly

The Cannabis Industry Job Report Leafly recently released its annual cannabis industry job report available for anyone who is interested to download and read. Leafly’s report has been created for the last four years in an attempt to gauge just how many jobs the cannabis industry is bringing to the economy. Federal and state job

Tips for Hiring and Retaining Cannabis Industry Employees

Attracting and Keeping Top Talent in the Cannabis Industry The cannabis industry is always in flux. To illustrate, 2020 has presented its fair share of challenges for both expansion and hiring in the cannabis business. As new markets like Michigan and Illinois see astonishing growth figures, other more established markets like Colorado and California are

The Pros and Cons of the Cannabis Industry Unionizing

Bernie Sanders Supports Unionization Bernie Sanders recently tweeted his opinion on the cannabis industry unionizing. The tweet was encouraging employees at Cresco Labs in Joliet, Illinois to vote yes to the union, and it ended with him promising to “lead the fight to double union membership in this country” if he wins the presidency. What

How to Find Your Cannabis Dream Job

Tips for Locating Your Cannabis Dream Job As the cannabis business continues to transition from an underground affair to a mainstream industry, it brings its fair share of challenges. Among the most complex changes being undergone in the cannabis industry today have to do with employment. Primarily because, the notion of a legal “cannabis professional”

How to Discuss Medical Cannabis with Your Employer

Learn to Discuss Medical Cannabis with Your Employer If there is any term that defines the modern cannabis industry, the term would undoubtedly be “change.” This notion applies to the internal workings of business and policy, as well as the perceived image of cannabis in the public eye. Looking at the medical field, legitimate scientific

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