Technology Jobs in Cannabis

Every year, M&F Talent sees more technology jobs in cannabis. Unlike more “traditional” facets of cannabis work – related to plant-touching tasks like growing and processing – tech jobs are a new phenomenon. The legitimization of the industry has directed an innovation boom where tech companies now feel comfortable allocating resources to the cannabis business. technology jobs in cannabis

As the cannabis industry is quickly morphing into a mainstream affair, it is bringing with it countless startup companies which provide technological solutions for businesses. As such, business owners incorporate innovative software into their operations that seeks to alleviate logistical problems in cultivation, processing, retail, and beyond.

If you are curious about technology jobs in cannabis, there are a good deal of options. As the leading technical recruiting agency in the industry, M&F Talent has worked with a number of cannabis tech companies. Here are some interesting verticals to explore for technology jobs in cannabis:

  • Big data solutions for cultivation, processing, and retail
  • Point of sale (POS) systems for cannabis dispensaries
  • Environmental controllers for grow rooms
  • Garden management software for indoor grows
  • Cannabis specific customer relationship management (CRM) platforms
  • seed-to-sale tracking software
  • SAAS providers specifically for cannabis
  • Horticultural lighting technology

From cultivation operations to retail dispensaries, there are some great career opportunities in the cannabis technology vertical. At M&F Talent, we recommend researching these different categories to find what is the best for you.

The Benefits of Working with Cannabis Ancillaries

For those individuals interested in entering the cannabis industry, technology companies offer some attractive career choices. To this end, tech companies fall nicely into the cannabis ancillary business category. As such, as they don’t directly work with cannabis, these businesses can operate across State borders. This simple fact offers them much more opportunity for expansion than seen with plant-touching businesses. Lucky for cannabis tech companies, they have far fewer logistical obstructions in conducting jobs in cannabis

Due to the fact that cannabis tech companies can operate beyond state borders, they have near-endless growth potential. With unlimited geographical bandwidth, cannabis tech companies can develop large corporate structures unseen with many plant-touching businesses. This growth leads to executive-level career opportunities as well as the development of large sales and marketing teams.

Transferable Skill-Sets

Another attractive point about technology jobs in cannabis has to do with translatable skill-sets. Because the cannabis tech segment largely requires skill-sets developed in traditional forms of education, it provides an easy professional transition into the industry. To illustrate, many professional cannabis growers developed their skills underground. As such, they have a hard time showing their experience on a resume. Conversely, Information Technology professionals gain their knowledge at universities and as well as on the job. Therefore, there is ample “cross-over” for tech professionals to use their established knowledge base with a career in the cannabis industry.

If you are an IT professional looking for a job in the cannabis industry, M&F Talent recommends looking at transferable skill sets that are in demand by cannabis tech companies. As the cannabis industry continues to integrate technology into its very fabric, there will only be a rising need to fill technology jobs in cannabis.

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