Mac & Fulton Talent Partners is the most knowledgeable and attentive
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To this end, we have set a high standard of professionalism and follow-through
concerning our peers as well as clients, one that will help
lay a solid foundation for industry growth and progress.

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Partnership Mentality

At Mac & Fulton Talent Partners, we believe in developing long-term partnerships with our clients, whether they are a marijuana business startup or a hydroponics equipment manufacturer. Our approach to cannabis recruiting and hydroponics staffing is founded on the ideal that our success is always determined by our clients' success.

Follow Through

M&F Talent sets a standard of excellence concerning follow through - a notion markedly important in the emergent marijuana business. We pride ourselves on timely communication with all of our clients, from CEA cultivation to horticultural lighting.


M&F Talent realizes first-hand the difficulties of finding success in novel industries as seen with the marijuana business. We respond to these challenges with integrity and reliability. M&F Talent's cannabis recruiting and hydroponics staffing programs are founded on trust and feedback between ourselves, candidates, and clients.

Why use a Recruiting Agency?

The cost of hiring the wrong employee can have reverberating effects throughout an entire company. This concept is exemplified in volatile, agriculturally-based markets seen in cannabis, hydroponics, and CEA. As such, investing in the right team for a business - whether it be a cannabis consulting firm or vertical farm - is an investment in the business's future.

Our Clients

Good Chemistry
Green Dot Labs
GreenGro Biologicals
Growth Science
Native Roots
Premier Tech
Sipco Bioengineering
Visa Lighting


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Our Mission

M&F Talent focuses on direct-hire placements in sales, technical, managerial, and C-Level capacities. With decades of combined experience in technical recruiting and marijuana business, we facilitate those searches that require hard-won expertise. As such, M&F Talent puts our collective experience to work for our clients - we combine the best of both worlds seen in an executive recruiting agency and cannabis consulting firm.

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