5 Reasons to Work with the Agriculture Recruiters at M&F Talent 

With the global agriculture industry constantly in flux with new technologies, sustainable practices, and changing market demand, attracting top-tier talent has become increasingly challenging. agriculture recruiters

Gone are the days when simply posting a job online will suffice for attracting top agriculture candidates. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website, “Direct on-farm employment accounted for about 2.6 million…jobs, or 1.2 percent of U.S. employment” in 2022.” With so many jobs in the agriculture industry, you must take a proactive approach to beat out competitors. This notion is only exemplified in important positions like executive leadership and agricultural sales. 

When you partner with M&F Talent’s agriculture recruiters, we will streamline your hiring process and lighten the workload for your HR department and hiring managers. 

Why Work with M&F Talent for Agriculture Recruiting? 

To give your organization the best possible chance to hire exceptional agriculture talent, here are the top 5 reasons to work with Mac & Fulton: 

1. Locating Passive Candidates agriculture recruiters

According to a study completed by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, “70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching, and the remaining 30% are active job seekers.” To stay competitive in the agriculture industry, it’s essential to tap into this vast talent pool of candidates that isn’t active on job boards or networking sites like LinkedIn. 

Since our agriculture recruiters spend the bulk of their time cultivating relationships, M&F Talent has a curated network of agriculture candidates who are vetted and ready to speak with hiring parties. Importantly, since short work durations and frequent job searches sometimes indicate instability in candidates, passive candidates often make long-lasting hires. 

2. Moving Away from Conventional Hiring Practices

Especially when it comes to specialized roles like agricultural engineers, successful hiring often requires a more proactive approach than seen with most HR departments. While many hiring parties will post an open job on Indeed or LinkedIn and wait patiently for applicants, M&F Talent takes the opposite approach and contacts candidates directly. 

With active sourcing, M&F Talent extends your reach far beyond inbound applicants who come from the same old job boards. By acting as an extension of your HR department, we cast a larger net for top-tier talent that you might not otherwise see. 

3. Speeding up Time to Hire agriculture recruiters

Not only will working with M&F Talent lead to higher-quality hires, but our team will also greatly speed up your time to hire. According to the Harvard Business Review, “The average time-to-hire includes multiple interviews and lasts around 43 days. However, 62% of working professionals say they lose interest two weeks after an initial interview if they haven’t heard back.” 

While it may take internal HR teams months to identify suitable candidates for key agricultural roles, M&F Talent will have the profiles of qualified candidates on your desk within 2 weeks of starting a search. Even more, once our agriculture recruiters have submitted candidates, we maintain consistent communication with both parties – while also helping move things along so nobody loses interest. 

4. Enhancing Your HR Processes 

By partnering with the agriculture recruiters at M&F Talent, you can trust that our team will enhance critical HR processes at your organization. In addition to proactive candidate sourcing and vetting, we advise on initiatives such as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and talent retention. 

When candidates talk about having good experiences interviewing with your organization, it creates a positive ripple effect with other professionals in the agriculture industry. When you are able to provide a better candidate experience, the word spreads quickly to other applicants. In turn, it gets easier to both hire and retain top talent. 

5. Understanding Technical Abilities  

agriculture recruiters With an extensive company background in engineering and logistics, M&F Talent is well-suited for technical searches that other agencies shy away from. According to Upwork, “Technical recruiters are best suited to hire for technical roles, as they know the industry and have the skills required to judge candidates… A technical recruiter is likely to be fluent in the language of developers, programmers, and engineers and the industry, position, and terminology associated with them.” 

Whether it be searching for specific accreditations or locating talent for agricultural equipment sales, we can critically assess candidate skill sets and match them with your requirements. In turn, you can trust that our agriculture recruiters will only submit qualified candidates – while less skilled agencies might bombard you with resumes in the hope of a match. 

Why Partner with M&F Talent Agriculture Recruiters? 

Given that the success of any agricultural enterprise hinges on its workforce, recruiting top talent is paramount for any HR department in agriculture. Hence, working with M&F Talent is a great way to attract top-tier talent for key positions in the agriculture industry. 

Especially when it comes to executive search in the agriculture space, hiring the right person can make all the difference between success and failure. For example, a poor hiring decision at the executive level can negatively impact employee morale – and even erode business relationships with stakeholders.

Start Hiring with M&F Talent Today! 

When you partner with M&F Talent, you have a team of seasoned agriculture recruiters on your side who will speed up the time to hire, lighten your workload, and give you access to a large talent pool of passive candidates. 

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