June 2019

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New Offerings: Cannabis Career Guidance & Resume Service

New Resume Service Options for Cannabis Job Searchers As one of the leading cannabis recruiting services, M&F Talent takes great pride in offering people cannabis career guidance. Similarly, we enjoy helping cannabis employers locate the top cannabis professionals in the industry. Yet, as we navigate the work week, our recruiters consistently face unique challenges and

Inside Glimpse: Working for Hemp Employers

What's it Like to Work for Hemp Employers? With the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, entrepreneurs and hopeful job searchers alike are flocking to the hemp industry in hopes of finding success. To say there is excitement over the federal legalization of hemp is an understatement.  Since hemp is such a versatile plant,

AI & Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology

Artificial Intelligence and CEA Horticulture  As both a process and vocation, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is intimately entwined with technology. As CEA gets increasingly sophisticated through technological advancements, how these developments will affect horticultural processes, and in turn, world food supplies, remains largely unknown. At the forefront of new frontiers in Controlled Environment Agriculture technology

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