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M&F Talent prides itself on a partnership mentality with both clients and candidates.

About Mac & Fulton

Spearheaded by our Principal and Lead Recruiter Mike Ruane, M&F Talent’s methods are founded on the technical approaches of engineering and manufacturing. With a propensity for detail, our team is able to critically assess a candidate’s skill-set, career trajectory, and life goals – as well as understand how these elements fit with your hiring needs. 

While M&F Talent is a contingency-based staffing service, the professionalism of our team matches that of retained executive search firms. When conducting a search, we are engaged for every step of the process – including sourcing, interviewing, vetting, and onboarding. Even more, while some recruiters blanket candidates with spam emails without qualifying them, M&F Talent uses a personal touch in all our communication. 

To do the best possible job for our clients, the recruiters at M&F Talent work tirelessly to learn about the industries in which we do business – such as ag-tech and food manufacturing. All things considered, M&F Talent knows the skills, products, technology, and professional certifications needed to fill specialized jobs. 

At Mac & Fulton Talent Partners, we pride ourselves on a partnership mentality with both clients and candidates. Importantly, we realize that the success of our business is directly tied to the success of our clients, as well as candidates. To develop and nurture these relationships, M&F Talent acts with trust and integrity in all our business dealings.

M&F Talent Brand Values


Detail-oriented training & methods


Best-in-class client & candidate experiences


Expertise required to fill specialized positions


Enjoy helping clients & candidates find success


Act with integrity in all our business dealings

Talent Recruitment Team

Mike Ruane
Mike RuanePrincipal & Lead Recruiter: Illinois

Mike Ruane has over a decade of experience with recruitment in specialized fields such as engineering, logistics, and manufacturing. Mike has an intuitive feel for recruiting, which is evident in his career success, as well as our extensive list of repeat clients at M&F Talent.

Mike’s ability extends far beyond the impersonal “keyword search” methods utilized by less experienced staffing agencies. With a technical aptitude, Mike has struck up a particularly strong rapport with ag-tech manufacturers such as Grodan, Hydrofarm, and Bluelab.

Today, Mike is one of the most predominant recruiters in the fields of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and hydroponics. To this end, Mike has made dozens of placements in the field of horticultural technology, including Greenhouse Engineers, Sales Directors, Product Managers, Logistics Coordinators, and more. Mike is also building a dedicated client base in the food manufacturing and food-tech industries.

Kent Gruetzmacher
Kent GruetzmacherMarketing & Operations Manager: Colorado

Kent Gruetzmacher brings a breadth of marketing and operations knowledge to the team at M&F Talent. With a knack for organization, Kent is well-versed in modern recruitment and business development programs – such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software. As such, he helps keep M&F Talent keep organized behind the scenes. 

Kent also has a strong background in digital marketing, including content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), and data analytics. With experience building and managing websites, Kent manages M&F Talent’s web presence – including our popular blog. 

Looking at industry specialization, Kent is also an established writer in the CEA and cannabis industries. He regularly contributes to indoor gardening magazines such as Maximum Yield and works with leading cannabis marketing agencies like Wick & Mortar and MOST Consulting. Kent has also written technical white papers on CEA technology related to horticultural lighting and cannabis drying rooms.