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The Challenges of Recruiting for Agricultural Sales Jobs

Why Agricultural Sales Jobs are Hard to Fill Business-to-business (B2B) agriculture sales is a highly specialized career field. Not only must these individuals know how commercial farms operate, but they must also explain how their products or services can ease specific pain points. In a foundational sense, B2B salespeople must clearly show how they can

How to Reduce Time to Hire

How to Reduce Time to Hire When Recruiting In today’s competitive hiring market, time to hire is one of the most important metrics for attracting top talent. According to Bamboo HR, “time-to-hire refers to the number of days between when a candidate applies to a job posting (or is sourced by a recruiter) and when

5 Reasons to Hire M&F Talent Agriculture Recruiters

5 Reasons to Work with the Agriculture Recruiters at M&F Talent  With the global agriculture industry constantly in flux with new technologies, sustainable practices, and changing market demand, attracting top-tier talent has become increasingly challenging. Gone are the days when simply posting a job online will suffice for attracting top agriculture candidates. According to the

How to Find Foodservice Sales Jobs

How to Get Hired for Foodservice Sales Jobs   From agricultural producers to food distributors and technologists, the foodservice industry is vast. Within this dynamic landscape, foodservice salespeople are those individuals who establish new relationships and drive revenue. Some individuals might work inside sales jobs cold-calling prospective clients, while territory reps are out there in

5 Reasons to Hire a Food Production Recruitment Agency

Why Work with a Food Production Recruitment Agency?  The food manufacturing industry is a diverse field that demands a skilled workforce to meet its evolving needs. Yet, with so many unique jobs in food production including sales, marketing, science, engineering, and more, navigating the hiring market can take time and effort. According to the United

A Look at Biotech Jobs in Cannabis

Cannabis Industry Jobs Report: Biotech Jobs in Cannabis  With the rapid progressions of the mainstream cannabis industry comes a surging wave of novel business ideas and opportunities. Along this line of thought, creative hot-beds of the industry - seen in places like Denver, CO, and San Francisco, CA - are producing innovative companies looking to

The Best Ways to Prepare for Job Searching in 2024

How Recruiters Recommend Preparing for Job Searching in 2024 Among recruiters and human resource departments alike, Quarter 1 is widely recognized as the time when companies are hiring the most candidates. If you are a candidate interested in making a career change, this is also the ideal time of year to embark on a job

Top Hiring Trends in 2023

Top Hiring Trends in 2023: Embracing a Changing Market  Due to unique pressures related to inflation, the year 2023 has witnessed a significant transformation in the way organizations approach hiring. The hiring market is also evolving because of technological advancements and changing attitudes toward work.  Even if it feels like the pandemic is over, the

Value of a Controlled Environment Agriculture Degree

What Can I Do with a Controlled Environment Agriculture Degree? While controlled environment agriculture (CEA) has existed in one form or another for quite some time, only recently has the CEA industry become a viable career path. Whether it be new interesting technology or the need for more sustainable forms of crop production, there are

CEA Workforce Development Panel: Indoor Ag-Con 2023

Indoor Ag-Con 2023 & CEA Workforce Development Since M&F Talent is one of the most established recruiting firms in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry, we were invited to speak at Indoor Ag-Con 2023 in Las Vegas. Our Principal & Lead Recruiter Mike Ruane joined a speaker panel on CEA workforce development. Even more, Mike

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