Why Work With M&F Talent?

M&F Talent has a large network of repeat clients due to our industry knowledge and best-in-class efforts.

M&F Talent: Your Recruitment Partner

When you partner with our team, M&F Talent is an extension of your HR department. By helping you with such laborious tasks as candidate sourcing and interview scheduling, we give you more time to focus on running your business. Time and time again, we also help clients avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person.

M&F Talent has a large network of repeat clients due to our industry knowledge and best-in-class efforts. In turn, we are one of the most respected recruiting agencies and executive search firms in agriculture and food production.

Mac & Fulton Candidate Pool & Applicant Sourcing

In order to develop our extensive network of candidates, M&F Talent applies both traditional and modern approaches to sourcing.

Personal Industry Networks

Since we have been in business for nearly a decade, M&F Talent has established a large personal network of friends and associates in key industries such as food production and cannabis. Whether it be from word-of-mouth recommendations or meeting people at trade shows like Cultivate, we know that a personal touch is key to finding success in recruitment.

Strong Online Presence With Job Searchers

At M&F Talent, we also make sure that relevant candidates can easily find us online when they look. Not only do we have a top-ranking website on Google that is easily found with keywords related to agriculture, CEA, and food production, but we also have a large social media following on important platforms like LinkedIn.

Large Database / Searchable ATS

During the years we have been in business, Mac & Fulton Talent Partners has amassed a database with thousands of relevant resumes. We keep all of our company data organized in an ATS so it is easily searchable.

Pre-Search Practices from M&F Talent

To streamline the hiring process, we work with you to develop and gather important information about the open position.

Hiring Plan & Salary Requirements

As industry experts, M&F Talent will help you develop a targeted and strategic hiring plan that is crafted around your timeline and budget, as well as general market trends. Moreover, we can advise you on the salary requirements needed to attract top talent in your industry.

Job Descriptions

If your HR department doesn’t have the time, Mac & Fulton will help you write a professional job description. Job descriptions give candidates a clear understanding of expectations, as well as opportunities for upward mobility at your organization.

What to Expect From Mac & Fulton During a Search

From timely communication to reference checks, M&F Talent cultivates lasting relationships and repeat customers by way of great service.

Applicant Screening

Only the very best candidates make it through our screening process and are finally submitted to clients. Not only does M&F Talent question candidates about specific job requirements, but we also look to see if they are a cultural fit for your organization.

Communication & Scheduling

To ensure the best possible candidate experience for your company, M&F Talent handles the scheduling of calls, meetings, and interviews. We also keep candidates updated on the progress of the search and give them timely feedback.

References & Offer Negotiation

Depending on your preferences, we are happy to check references ourselves or pass them on to your HR team.  M&F Talent also has the skill to conduct sensitive negotiations about base salaries, commission packages, and fringe benefits.