September 2019


Jobs in the Cannabis Industry You Had No Idea Existed

Six jobs in the Cannabis Industry You Haven't Heard Of When people think of cannabis industry jobs, they often imagine growers, processors (trimmers), budtenders (retail sales), and so on. But many different cannabis industry jobs go overlooked by job seekers. Today, we’d like to offer a few suggestions on unique types of cannabis employment. Cannabis

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The Cannabis Entourage Effect

Have You Ever Heard of the Cannabis Entourage Effect? As our scientific understanding of cannabis continues to expand, it brings with surprising new developments. Of these new advances, studies into the “entourage effect” of cannabis are shaking up our current understanding of medical marijuana. For those who did not know, the term entourage effect is

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Job Searchers: How Can Cannabis Recruiting Agencies Help?

How Cannabis Recruiting Agencies Can Help with Your Dream Job The cannabis industry is hungry for talented employees. Likewise, countless job seekers are hungry for cannabis employment. Indeed, if you're a glass-half-full kind of person, this might translate into numerous opportunities in the cannabis space. Conversely, if you're a glass-half-empty person, you know that there

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Cannabis Businesses: Why Should You Use a Cannabis Recruiter for Key Employees?

The Value of a Cannabis Recruiter Your cannabis business needs quality employees – people who possess not only the skills required for the position but also those who are passionate about the plant and all of its potential. That’s why to find the best employees for your cannabis jobs; you need more than a standard

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You Have More Cannabis Industry Experience Than You Think

Common Skill-sets to Translate into Cannabis Industry Experience Even if you’ve never held work in the cannabis industry, you may still be highly qualified for marijuana industry employment. In fact, many standard skill-sets transfer nicely into the cannabis workplace. List these skills on your cannabis resume to highlight your cannabis industry experience. If you require

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What is Live Resin?

Live Resin: A Fascinating New Cannabis Extract Product The rapid expansion of the legal cannabis industry stimulates vast advancements in technology and processes. Similarly, these evolutions impact different verticals of the industry. Yet, perhaps no facet of the modern cannabis industry has seen the sort of overhauls in methodology and identity as the cannabis extracts

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