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Cannabis Recruiting

Staffing for the cannabis industry since 2015

Business Expertise for a New Market

Cannabis Recruiting M&F Talent

Mac & Fulton Talent Partners was founded in the same era as the early days of the cannabis industry. By doing cannabis recruiting since 2015, we’ve seen the market grow, evolve, and mature. During this time, we’ve also seen drastic upheavals and realignments of what exactly it means to be a cannabis professional. Whether it be helping candidates identify transferable skill sets or educating clients about employee retention, M&F Talent has helped define the hiring criteria of the modern cannabis space.

To do the best possible job for our cannabis clients, we work tirelessly to understand how to do business in such a novel and dynamic market. Whether it be engineering high-end extractors or managing outside sales for multi-state operators (MSOs), we have the knowledge and network needed to fill specialized positions for cannabis recruiting. In the end, M&F Talent knows that careful research is the only means of making sound hiring recommendations in such a volatile marketplace.


Finding Candidates for Cannabis Recruiting

M&F Talent utilizes a talent pool that extends far beyond the cannabis space and into the fields of hydroponics, horticulture, and food manufacturing. With this innovative approach, we changed candidate sourcing for cannabis by locating well-educated, seasoned talent from other industries.

M&F Talent’s cannabis recruiting operations include, but are not limited to: 

  • Cultivation Operations
  • Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Software & Technology Companies
  • Vertically-Integrated Producers
  • Cannabis Ancillaries
  • Processing & Packaging Businesses
  • Extraction Companies (and other plant-touching businesses)
  • Laboratory & Testing Facilities

If you are interested in discussing our cannabis recruiting operations in more detail, please Contact Us.

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What is the Cannabis Industry?2022-10-17T15:17:44-06:00

The cannabis industry represents one of the most exciting, yet challenging markets within which to do business. In the few short years since states like Colorado and Washington voted to legalize adult-use cannabis, the industry has grown exponentially in size, scope, and sophistication. With so much change at hand, many cannabis companies are still learning about what exactly it takes to find, as well as sustain, success. 

While the early days of legal cannabis were met with skepticism by much of the business world, today’s numbers are tough to ignore. According to the industry news source MJ Biz Daily, the “combined U.S. medical and recreational cannabis sales could reach $33 billion by the end of 2022, largely driven by the opening of new adult-use markets.” They continue, “retail cannabis sales are projected to be upwards of $52.6 billion by 2026.” With so much growth at hand, the cannabis industry sees the rise and fall of new businesses on a near daily basis. 

What Types of Cannabis Roles Do You Recruit For?2023-12-09T16:44:47-07:00

M&F Talent recruits for many cannabis roles, but we focus on mid to senior-level jobs. To this end, we regularly work with both plant-touching businesses and ancillaries. As seen in other markets, Mac & Fulton is proficient at technical and specialized positions in the cannabis space. 

Cannabis roles that we recruit for include, but aren’t limited to: 

    • C-Suite Positions
    • Cultivation Teams / Horticulturists
    • Sales & Sales Management
    • B2B Sales Teams
    • Direct-to-Grower Sales
    • Compliance Teams
    • Organic Chemists
    • CEA Professionals
    • Marketing & eCommerce
    • Dispensary Managers
    • Facilities Design
    • Breeders & Geneticists
    • Construction Management
    • Project Management
    • Operations
    • Security Specialists
    • Tissue Culture Scientists
Why M&F Talent for Cannabis Recruitment?2023-12-09T16:33:38-07:00

Since M&F Talent has been around since the early days of the cannabis industry, we understand the challenges and opportunities of this unique market. Whether it be advising clients on benefits packages or helping candidates with professional profiles, M&F Talent is a long-standing part of the cannabis space. Clients trust us for cannabis recruitment because we are comfortable working in fast-paced, startup environments.

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