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Articles about food production recruiting, hiring, and job searching from the team at M&F Talent.

How to Find Foodservice Sales Jobs

How to Get Hired for Foodservice Sales Jobs   From agricultural producers to food distributors and technologists, the foodservice industry is vast. Within this dynamic landscape, foodservice salespeople are those individuals who establish new relationships and drive revenue. Some individuals might work inside sales jobs cold-calling prospective clients, while territory reps are out there in

5 Reasons to Hire a Food Production Recruitment Agency

Why Work with a Food Production Recruitment Agency?  The food manufacturing industry is a diverse field that demands a skilled workforce to meet its evolving needs. Yet, with so many unique jobs in food production including sales, marketing, science, engineering, and more, navigating the hiring market can take time and effort. According to the United

10 Ways to Find Food Production Jobs 

10 Tips for Finding Food Production Jobs  The total revenue in the food production market during 2023 was $9.36 trillion. With staggering statistics such as this, it's no wonder that food production jobs are a viable and sustainable way to earn a living.  Since food is an essential part of our daily lives, you can

What is the Food Technology Industry?

The Food Technology Industry Explained In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world, the food technology industry has emerged as a crucial discipline that intersects the fields of science, engineering, and culinary arts. This innovative branch of study encompasses a wide range of practices that shape the ways in which we produce, process, and consume food.  As

Food Science Jobs Explained

What are Food Science Jobs? Because the food manufacturing industry is so vast, it takes various skill sets to get food products to market. Whether it be Engineers or Logisticians, the food manufacturing industry as we know it would not exist without talented people working food science jobs. Within this spectrum, Food Scientists contribute to

Important Food Manufacturing Trends for 2023

Food Manufacturing Trends for Next Year Whether it be new technological advancements or pressures on the global supply chain, food manufacturing trends are shaped by many influences. Similarly, dietary trends like the farm-to-table movement have enough staying power to affect how food is produced on a commercial scale. Whatever the reason might be, the

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