New Offerings: Cannabis Career Guidance & Resume Service

New Resume Service Options for Cannabis Job Searchers

As one of the leading cannabis recruiting services, M&F Talent takes great pride in offering people cannabis career guidance. Similarly, we enjoy helping cannabis employers locate the top cannabis professionals in the industry. Yet, as we navigate the work week, our recruiters consistently face unique challenges and demands. To this end, our time is split carefully guiding cannabis employers and job searchers towards fruitful business relationships. This process is extremely time consuming for our cannabis recruiting team.cannabis career guidance

Throughout M&F Talent’s years doing recruitment in the cannabis industry, we have seen interest from talented professionals looking to “break in” to the cannabis business from other industries. Yet, many of these people are having a tough time getting the attention of cannabis employers due to a lack of direct experience with cannabis jobs. In response to these resounding needs, M&F Talent has put together the industry’s premier cannabis career guidance program to help serious professionals find work in this exciting new field. With this program, we set aside time out of our recruiting schedule to help these dedicated job searchers find fruitful cannabis careers. This is the only service of it’s kind in the cannabis industry.

The Value of M&F Talent’s Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Writing Service

With our Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Writing Service, we help job searchers understand how their work history applies to cannabis. This valuable process occurs with careful deliberation and one-on-one work with our recruiters. Next, we help candidates express these relevant skills in carefully crafted marijuana resumes. M&F Talent’s intimate, hands-on approach to this process makes our platform the industry’s premier cannabis resume writing service. Similarly, it gives serious job searchers time on the phone with leading cannabis recruiters. This invaluable communication helps people understand what cannabis jobs are the best fit for their background as well as goals.

Here is a brief overview of our new Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Writing Service Tiers:

Bronze Resume Package

The Bronze Resume Package will give you everything you need in applying for cannabis jobs. While it is M&F Talent’s most basic cannabis resume package, it offers far more hands-on service than any marijuana resumes service in the industry today. The most standout feature of the Bronze Resume Package is one-on-one phone time with our celebrated cannabis recruiting team, as well as targeted cannabis career guidance.

Silver Resume Packagecannabis career guidance

Our Silver Resume Package will help you develop an attractive professional persona in the cannabis industry, while also giving you the tools to market yourself effectively to cannabis employers. This offering provides every facet of our widely popular Bronze Resume Package, with the added features of LinkedIn profile optimization and cover letters. Therefore, with the Silver Resume Package, a standout cannabis resume and profile is perfectly complimented with effective use of these invaluable points of contact.

Gold Resume Package

The Gold Resume Package is designed to give you all the tools M&F Talent has concerning cannabis career guidance. To this end, this package provides all the perks of the Gold and Silver Packages, while adding detailed market intelligence on cannabis companies. With the market intelligence of the Gold Resume Package, job searchers compliment their cannabis resume and business persona with detailed contact and workplace information on cannabis companies. As such such, they have direct avenues for getting the attention of the best cannabis employers in the business.

Platinum Resume Package

cannabis career guidance

Our Platinum Resume Package is geared towards those executive-level candidates which demand the full attention of our cannabis recruiting team. In keeping with M&F Talent’s Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Service offerings, this package includes every tool in our toolkit concerning cannabis job searching. However, the Platinum Resume Package also includes an extensive writing and editing process that is required for developing resumes for executive-level talent. Finally, it also includes extra phone time between our cannabis recruiters and resume clients.


For additional info on the M&F Talent Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Service please contact

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