What are Food Science Jobs?

Because the food manufacturing industry is so vast, it takes various skill sets to get food products to market. Whether it be Engineers or Logisticians, the food manufacturing industry as we know it would not exist without talented people working food science jobs. Within this spectrum, Food Scientists contribute to the food manufacturing industry in several key ways. food science jobs

Food Scientists use different disciplines to enhance the safety, quality, and availability of food sources. As such, these talented professionals play important roles in ensuring our global food supply. 

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for a career or just curious about the modern food production industry, M&F Talent put together this brief exploration into food science jobs. 

What is Food Science?

Food science uses a variety of methods and disciplines to transform raw crops and meat into consumable foodstuffs. According to USA News, food science “encompasses numerous technologies that prolong the shelf life of grocery items, such as canning and pasteurization, and includes safety mechanisms that prevent food contamination.”

food science jobs

As the practice of food science continues to deepen and expand, so do our different views of what exactly it means to partake in the discipline. While the primary focus of food science has long been to ensure safe and nutritious food sources, more energy has been getting directed to sustainability measures within the industry. Therefore, eco-friendly foods like hydroponic crops and artificial meats are a major focus of food scientists. 

Food science also delves into the fields of psychology and anthropology from time to time. An example of this would be a researcher studying a specific group of the population to better understand their relationships to food – including both cultural traditions and procurement methods. 

What Does a Food Scientist Do?

Food Scientists occupy several key niches along the food manufacturing supply chain. Food Scientists work in a variety of businesses, including farms, factories, laboratories, and universities. No matter what their jobs are, they utilize scientific methods to better understand food sources and ensure adequate food supplies. 

The job board Indeed lists several key duties of Food Scientists as such:

  • Conduct studies on food sustainability measures
  • Research methods to make food production more efficient – including processing, manufacturing, and packaging
  • Predict food quantities and report estimates of shortages
  • Oversee food safety protocols and design quality control measures 
  • Research ways to make food more nutritional
  • Test and improve food storage methods 

Food science jobs can vary dramatically in their scope. Some of the most important roles for Food Scientists are with government entities like the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA). In such positions, Food Scientists help governments better understand food supply and demand challenges in certain regions. Not only do Food Scientists make recommendations on policies that better secure food for people, but they also help get important environmental regulations in place. 

Types of Food Science Jobs

Since food science is such a broad field, it offers many interesting career opportunities. Whether you enjoy managing people or doing more technical lab work, there is a food science job for you! 

Quality Control Supervisorfood science jobs

Quality Control Supervisors ensure that food products are both desirable and safe to consume. QC Supervisors work in a variety of operations – including food manufacturing plants, commercial farms, and large restaurant chains. Beyond enforcing safe serving protocols, QC managers ensure that food has a good appearance and taste. 

Food Plant Production Manager 

If you are interested in food science and enjoy working with people, then a Food Plant Production Manager job might be a great fit. In this position, you will be responsible for overseeing food plant employees – including scheduling, training, hiring, and firing. 

food science jobsFood Chemist

According to the Cal Poly website, Food Chemists “design and apply methods to analyze the chemical nature of foods.”  Whether it be in a production facility or R&D lab, Food Chemists work to tell people exactly what their foods contain. If you have ever seen ingredient lists and nutritional facts on packaging, then you are familiar with the work of Food Chemists. 

Food Safety Expert 

Food Safety Experts are involved with studying different food-borne illnesses, as well as other impurities such as mold. They also work hand-in-hand with food manufacturers that utilize fermentation as part of their processes – such as winemakers, beer brewers, and cheese makers. In these roles, Food Safety Experts ensure that manufacturers have the proper controls in place to keep people from getting sick. 

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