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Why M&F Talent for Cannabis Recruiting?

Since M&F Talent has been around since the early days of the cannabis industry, we understand the challenges and opportunities of this unique market. Whether it be advising clients on benefits packages or helping candidates with professional profiles, M&F Talent is a long-standing part of the cannabis space, specializing in cannabis recruiting. Cannabis clients also

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What Types of Cannabis Jobs Do You Recruit For?

While M&F Talent recruits for all facets of the cannabis industry, a significant focus of our cannabis staffing operations is on technical hires like Tissue Culture Scientists, Organic Chemists, and Plant Geneticists. Cannabis jobs that we recruit for include, but aren't limited to:  Sales & Sales Management Marketing & eCommerce Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Electrical

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What is the Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry represents one of the most exciting, yet challenging markets within which to do business. In the few short years since states like Colorado and Washington voted to legalize adult-use cannabis, the industry has grown exponentially in size, scope, and sophistication. With so much change at hand, many cannabis companies are still learning

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