M&F Talent recruits for many cannabis roles, but we focus on mid to senior-level jobs. To this end, we regularly work with both plant-touching businesses and ancillaries. As seen in other markets, Mac & Fulton is proficient at technical and specialized positions in the cannabis space. 

Cannabis roles that we recruit for include, but aren’t limited to: 

    • C-Suite Positions
    • Cultivation Teams / Horticulturists
    • Sales & Sales Management
    • B2B Sales Teams
    • Direct-to-Grower Sales
    • Compliance Teams
    • Organic Chemists
    • CEA Professionals
    • Marketing & eCommerce
    • Dispensary Managers
    • Facilities Design
    • Breeders & Geneticists
    • Construction Management
    • Project Management
    • Operations
    • Security Specialists
    • Tissue Culture Scientists