Food Production & Manufacturing

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Why M&F Talent for Food Production Recruiting?

Because we have an extensive company background in technical recruiting, M&F Talent is well-suited for the rigors of the food production industry. Not only are we knowledgeable about food-tech, but we also understand the challenges of working with perishable products. From Engineers to Project Managers, M&F Talent has connections with in-demand candidates in the food

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What Type of Food Production Jobs Do You Recruit For?

M&F Talent has the ability to recruit for a wide range of food production jobs including: Project Managers, Mechanical & Industrial Engineers, IT Specialists, Data Analysts and beyond.  Food Production jobs that we recruit for include, but aren't limited to:  Sales & Sales Management Marketing & eCommerce Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Electrical Power Systems &

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What is the Food Production Industry?

In food production & manufacturing, raw materials are transformed into food products that can be consumed by people and animals. The USDA website puts it this way, “food and beverage manufacturing plants transform raw agricultural materials into products for intermediate or final consumption by applying labor, machinery, energy, and scientific knowledge.”  Looking at the definition

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