Common Skill-sets to Translate into Cannabis Industry Experience

Even if you’ve never held work in the cannabis industry, you may still be highly qualified for marijuana industry employment. In fact, many standard skill-sets transfer nicely into the cannabis workplace. List these skills on your cannabis resume to highlight your cannabis industry experience. If you require additional help with this process, you can also look at our Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Writing Program.

Sales & Retail

Cannabis is a consumable product sold to a targeted audience. A background in sales and marketing should highlight a deep understanding of the culture and the target consumer. Indeed, knowledge of the industry, the product, and the consumer are vital for sales professionals in the marijuana industry.

cannabis business finance represented by phone and graphsFinance

Cannabis business finances continue to be challenging, but the payoff is enormous. Financial professionals with a background in forecasts and budgets (especially those that focus on products with specific shelf lives) are a vital component of cannabis business success. Cannabis resumes should highlight these skills as such.


Cannabis companies are continually moving products, and they need experienced professionals to manage facilities and operations. Whether overseeing production and manufacturing or infrastructure and overall work environment, managerial experience is in high demand in the cannabis industry.

Business Development

Business development requires building long-term relationships with customers and target markets. Therefore, in the fast-paced cannabis industry, a strong background in business development is one of the most valuable assets a new hire can bring to a team.


Manufacturing jobs continue to be in high demand, especially in the cannabis industry. Roles of particular interest include edibles chefs, extraction technicians, and ancillary supply producers. Cannabis compliance is an underscore of this position.


The cannabis industry hinges on cannabis crop production at scale. As such, cannabis cultivation experience is a highly valued skill-set for industry employment. Cultivation experience includes but does not require a formal educational background in Horticulture or Agronomy.

cannabis tech represented by computer terminalTechnology

The best way to keep up with changes in the demand and regulation of cannabis is to maintain a leg-up on the technology that supports it. As such, IT professionals with a focus on machine learning, data science, and automation can improve a company’s profit margin by maintaining regulation compliance, improving distribution efforts, optimizing decision-making, and enhancing consumer experiences.


Misinformation is rampant, and many cannabis professionals aim to change that. Fortunately, there are now cannabis-specific colleges and degree programs to fill the educational void. Therefore, those who complete cannabis-focused educational courses can have an advantage against the competition. Of these education options, M&F Talent recommends looking to a four-year, accredited school such as Northern Michigan University.

Building Cannabis Industry Experience

Cannabis industry employment is closer than you might think. Contact us at info@mandfconsultants to learn more about the kind of skills most valuable for cannabis industry success. Also, our Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Writing Program is an excellent resource for developing a professional persona in this new industry.