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Do I Need a Cannabis Resume?

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As leading cannabis industry recruiters, M&F Talent has spoken with countless professionals looking to transition into the industry. Yet, as the marijuana business is brand new, many of these individuals don’t even know where to start with the application process. This notion also rings true for cannabis growers who don’t know how to explain their experience on a resume.

In response to overwhelming demand, Mac & Fulton Talent Partners developed the cannabis industry’s premier resume writing program. With this platform, our goal is to help serious professionals find work in this exciting new field.

The cannabis job market will continue to expand as legalization efforts persist around the world. As more people gain interest in working in the cannabis industry, the job market grows more competitive. If you are also considering “making the move” into the industry, you will need a resume that is relevant in the cannabis business.

Stay Relevant and Competitive in a Booming Market

As the industry continues to capture global attention, the job market grows increasingly sophisticated. Because of this, increased competition in job searching (as well as the induction of high-level executives into the industry) has raised the stakes for those looking to get involved. Therefore, it is essential to implement a targeted approach to job searching and explain how your work experience is relevant, valuable, and a strong asset to the industry.

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M&F Talent Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Writing Service

At Mac & Fulton Talent Partners, we understand that the process of writing a resume for a brand new industry can be quite intimidating. As such, we created this platform to help people understand, as well as express, how their professional competencies apply to the cannabis business. Because M&F Talent is constantly engaging both business leaders and top professionals in the cannabis space, we are in a unique position to offer this service.

Cannabis Career GuidanceDue to our expansive experience as cannabis industry recruiters, we spend our time analyzing, assessing, and explaining the most up-to-date cannabis industry hiring trends.

At M&F Talent, we take great pride in sharing our hard-won experience with serious applicants. One of the primary draws of our cannabis resume writing program is the fact that we work hand-in-hand with cannabis job searchers. In doing so, we hope to answer any questions dedicated candidates face in this relatively unknown and intimating market.

Applicant Tracking System Compatible Resumes

The M&F Talent resume program is not only on the cutting-edge of the cannabis industry. We are also familiar with the demands of modern resume writing and tracking. Therefore, all our custom resumes are written with the demands of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) in mind.

According to recruiting industry leaders, ATS “provide(s) an automated way for companies to manage the entire recruiting process, from receiving applications to hiring employees. To this end, information in the [ATS] database is used for screening candidates, applicant testing, scheduling interviews, managing the hiring process, checking references, and completing new-hire paperwork.” As experts on ATS platforms, we write each of our cannabis resumes to be compatible with this software.

M&F Talent Career Guidance and Resume Writing Team

M&F Talent’s cannabis resume writing program is spearheaded by our Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, Kent Gruetzmacher. Kent is an established writer and thought-leader in the cannabis space. To this end, he’s contributed to many media sources related to cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture. Kent is also responsible for many industry standards regarding writing marijuana resumes.

Like the rest of the team at M&F Talent, Kent is passionate about helping people find work in the cannabis industry. He has written about marijuana employment and cannabis resume writing with several industry-leading publications. To illustrate, Maximum Yield Magazine looks to Kent as their “go-to” source on cannabis industry employment topics in the U.S. and Canada. As such, he has published several articles with Maximum Yield that topics like professional training in the cannabis industry, the current cannabis job market, and the value of CEA training programs.

Front-runners in Cannabis Grower Resume Writing

Kent also compiled some of the original criteria for cannabis grower resumes that are popular today. In an early 2017 article for HydroLife Magazine titled “Translating Your Personal Cannabis Growing into Resume Format,” he tackled the difficult issue facing many cannabis growers: how do I utilize my passion for cannabis cultivation in a career? Soon, Kent began offering more personalized cannabis career help within the M&F Talent network. Today, Kent is one of the leading authorities on cannabis resume writing.

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M&F Talent’s mission is to cultivate professionalism across horticulture, hydroponics, and cannabis by instilling our values within our network. Moving forward, and in union with our clients, candidates, and peers, we will help lay the foundation for industry growth and success.

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