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METRC Support Specialist (Remote)

METRC Support Specialist (Cannabis Software) Our client is an enterprise software company exclusively serving the cannabis industry. They provide seed-to-sale, POS, online marketplace, and ERP software as a service (SaaS) to some of the largest operations in the country. Our client was founded in Washington state, where they now account for a 60% market share […]
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Sales Representative (Pacific NW & CO)

Sales Representative – Hydroponics Nutrients M&F Talent has a client in hydroponics products / nutrients that is looking to expand their footprint with a new Sales Representative. The ideal candidate has at least 2 years’ experience calling on Hydroponic stores. The Territory Manager will drive sales for nutrient-based products in the Southern California market by […]
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North American Business Development Manager (Remote)

North American Business Development Manager Our client, an international leader in LED Lighting, is currently looking for a North American Business Development Manager who can play a key role in driving LED fixture demand across North America.  Target markets will include commercial growers in the Crop Science and Cannabis markets. The ability to manage relationships […]
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International Business Development Director (CA / Remote)

International Business Development Director Our client is an emerging leader in the horticultural technology market.  They are laser-focused on providing companies with the tools and technology they need to grow better, and in turn, support people’s overall health & wellness.  They are expanding their reach globally, and need to hire an International Business Development Director. […]
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Business Unit Manager – Vegetable Market (ON & Midwest U.S.)

The Business Unit Manager will take ownership of business development, sales, and operations across the newly established Vegetable Market Business Unit, with a focus on the US market.  As a senior leader for the business, s/he will be a key member of the leadership team, supporting and managing the following: Creating a meticulous and rapidly […]
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Cannabis Industry Jobs and Hydroponics Careers

The head hunters at M&F Talent know that a business is only a strong as its employees. Also, we understand that those key employees will dictate the future of the marijuana industry and the horticulture business with integrity and a solid work ethic. These pivotal individuals have a vision for the future – in cannabis and beyond. As such, M&F Talent only places the foremost professionals in cannabis industry jobs and hydroponics careers.

M&F Talent also takes great pride in helping job seekers establish meaningful and fruitful careers. We also understand how complicated the job search process can be. This notion applies to the marijuana industry as well as horticulture business. Therefore, our head hunters work with applicants in helping them understand their place in these new markets. In the end, our mission is to help individuals realize their goals in cannabis industry jobs or hydroponics careers.

The head hunters at M&F Talent have established an extensive network of client companies in the marijuana industry and horticulture business. Similarly, we have working relationships with industry-leading companies. Therefore, these businesses trust us to make difficult decisions in employee searching and hiring. To this end, we meet this challenge by developing trusted and personable relationships with our candidates. These applicants enjoy the standards of integrity, communication, and follow-through set forth by M&F Talent.

Cannabis Industry Jobs

In recent years, the cannabis business has rightfully earned its place as the “fastest-growing industry” in the United States. To illustrate, according to a New Frontier Data report, it has been projected that by 2020, the legal cannabis market will generate more than 250,000 jobs. In a recent Forbes article, New Frontier Data’s CEO Giahda Aguirre De Carcer confirmed that cannabis industry growth “is a major economic driver and job-creation engine for the U.S. economy.” De Carcer also expressed her outlook on the future of cannabis industry jobs stating, “…with projected total market sales to exceed $24 billion by 2025, and the possibility of almost 300,000 jobs by 2020, it remains a positive economic force in the U.S.”

As the cannabis job market keeps expanding, M&F Talent finds that certain positions are in higher demand than others. To illustrate, experienced salespeople prove to be a serious commodity in the marijuana industry. This same trend is seen in other complex regulated markets such as beer and liquor. Also, we are seeing a severe demand for experienced compliance professionals. “Playing by the rules” is vital as the marijuana industry becomes more professionalized and regulations become more firm. Finally, there is a growing demand for people with extensive experience in startup environments. This is because the cannabis industry itself is so young. To this end, individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset are a commodity among new and emerging cannabis companies.

Technical Cannabis Industry Jobs

As the marijuana industry continues to mature, the head hunters at M&F Talent also see a demand for technical talent. In the past five years, it has become blatantly evident that the cannabis industry is no stranger to technology. For example, we now see advanced computer systems in cultivation, processing, operations, and sales. In like fashion, cannabis grow and processing facilities are highly engineered operations. Also, organic chemistry and soil science are incredibly applicable in horticulture and extraction operations.

As the only head hunters in the marijuana industry specializing in technical jobs, we have seen a demand for technical talent across several verticals. These positions include IT Technicians, Software Developers, Website Managers, Laboratory Directors, Organic Chemists, Electrical Engineers, and more.

Horticulture Business Jobs

The horticulture industry includes all businesses that utilize controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to produce food crops and ornamentals. While the horticulture business has been around longer than the marijuana industry, it has also experienced rapid growth over the last few years. At M&F Talent, we are honored to take part in the continued expansion of the horticulture business. Importantly, we feel that urban farming and controlled environment agriculture are the future of sustainable food sources on earth. As such, helping CEA and vertical farming clients locate top talent is a real honor among our head hunters.

Advancements in CEA technology have made indoor and greenhouse crop production profitable for the first time. This fact has lead to expansive job growth. To illustrate, massive vertical farming operations like Plenty and Bowery are expanding on the international stage. As such, they are stimulating hiring across several verticals in sales, marketing, operations, and engineering, as well as the sciences. To this end, the head hunters at M&F Talent are seeing a demand for those individuals passionate about advancing the horticulture industry with professionalism.

Technical Horticulture Careers

Ancillary businesses who develop the equipment and technology to service crop production broadly support the horticulture business. As such, this field also presents several opportunities in technical careers. Largely because, commercial CEA operations are highly technologized affairs. As the primary head hunters for the burgeoning horticulture space, M&F Talent is seeing a demand for CEA Horticulturists, HVAC Specialists, Operations Managers, and Agricultural Logistics Managers.

Hydroponics Careers

As the cannabis, horticulture, and hemp industries expand, hydroponics equipment will continue to play a vital role in modern crop production. To this end, the hydroponics careers field includes the product-based companies that develop equipment, technology, and goods that service commercial cannabis and crop production. Furthermore, while the hydroponics job market is growing along with these industries, it is also changing. For example, the retail hydroponics store model is quickly falling behind the “direct to grower” sales model for hydroponics product businesses.

Today’s hydroponics careers primarily focus on business to business (B2B) dealings. Within this structure, ancillary businesses service crop producers. For example, hydroponics equipment such as LED lighting and smart grow technology is used to power indoor cannabis grows. Similarly, forward-looking vertical farming companies are utilizing software platforms to track production costs down to the penny.

Technical Hydroponics Jobs

M&F Talent is the primary recruiting service for the hydroponics industry. Therefore, within our extensive network, we cater to highly specialized positions in hydroponics careers. Our clients come to us looking for Electrical Engineers, Greenhouse Designers, Field Engineers, HVAC Technicians, Organic Chemists, Soil Scientists, and Technical Salespeople.

Hemp Jobs

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp industry has taken the United States by storm. With rampant business growth across several verticals, the new national hemp industry brings ample opportunity for hungry job searchers. According to a May 2019 article published by CNBC, “Another by-product of legal hemp will be tens of thousands of new jobs across multiple sectors in the very near future. Besides hiring workers in agriculture, processing and manufacturing, the still-budding industry — with $1.1 billion in revenues 2018, estimated to more than double by 2022 to $2.6 billion, according to New Frontier Data — will need accountants, lawyers, compliance officers, government regulators, IT specialists, financial and insurance experts, transporters, researchers and lab technicians, marketers, CFOs, CEOs and various retail employees.”

As the new national hemp industry continues to grow, the recruitment team at M&F Talent has been leading the charge in staffing. Within our business operations, we have seen a real need for sales and operations professionals from the food and beverage industry. Largely because, the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requisite in food production are quickly being adopted by hemp companies. These changes come in conjunction with increased regulations from such government agencies as the FDA, USDA, and FTC. Overall, these business trends are signifiers for a rapidly maturing hemp industry, set to resemble more “mainstream” lines of work in the coming years.

Technical Hemp Industry Jobs

As the hemp business maintains its growth, the head hunters at Mac & Fulton Talent partners deal extensively with technical placements. Most notably, since hemp-derived CBD products have gained such popularity, the hemp space has seen an influx of pharmaceutical industry professionals with technical backgrounds. To illustrate, we have facilitated several searches for Extraction Laboratory Directors and Technical Salespeople. Similarly, there has been huge influx in hiring for Technical Writers and Operations Professionals who develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that fall in line with GMPs.

Since the head hunters at M&F Talent lead the hemp industry in technical recruiting, we continue to revise our understanding of this new market. To this end, we have also seen a large influx in hiring in Engineering roles related to hemp harvest and processing technology.

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M&F Talent’s mission is to cultivate professionalism across cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture by instilling our values within our network. Moving forward, and in union with our clients, candidates, and peers, we will help lay the foundation for industry growth and success.

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