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Horticulture Recruiting Service for CEA and Vertical Farming

The technology behind controlled environment agriculture (CEA) has made this market commercially viable for ornamental and food production. As a forward-looking horticulture recruiting service, M&F Talent recognizes the value of the rapidly expanding CEA market. Our focuses include food production in vertical farming, greenhouse cultivation, and urban agriculture. As such, we are the CEA business’s foremost staffing company.

With diverse applications in the worldwide urban farming movement, controlled environment agriculture is quickly changing how people procure food. Therefore, businesses utilize aquaponics, vertical farming, and LED grow lights in extending traditional crop growing seasons – making fresh produce available year-round. As a result, M&F Talent sees a real societal value in urban agriculture. Importantly, we regularly contribute to this movement by placing top talent with our horticulture recruiting service. Moving forward, our hopes are that these professionals will have a positive impact on global food systems.

Sourcing Talent

The most successful CEA professionals have knowledge of both technology and horticulture. In the years M&F Talent has been working in the CEA space, we have come to realize that this marriage of skills is quite rare. When conducting searches in the horticulture space, we are sure to drill down on the technical attributes of the position. In doing so, we always find the best applicants for the job.

Our horticulture recruiting service includes:

  • Greenhouse Cultivation
  • Vertical Farming Businesses
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Floriculture Companies
  • Aquaponics Operations
  • Ornamental Farms

M&F Talent has facilitated hires in many facets of controlled environment agriculture. Consequently, our talent pool extends throughout operations, sales, engineering, and design. Moreover, our candidates are knowledgeable in both CEA operations and CEA equipment manufacturing. Therefore, we understand that the best candidates for staffing in the CEA field have an affinity for cultivation – as well as the equipment that makes it possible.

If you are an applicant interested in pursuing a career through M&F Talent’s horticulture recruiting service, please check out our Jobs Section.

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Horticulture Recruiting Search  & Hire Examples

The team at M&F Talent feels that the CEA industry is vital to the future of sustainable farming. Since entering the horticulture space a few years ago, M&F Talent has worked with some of the top companies in both vertical farming and cultivation technology. Notably, our database of experienced Horticulture Professionals – including Engineers, Technicians, and Salespeople – has grown extensively during this time.  

If you are interested in hiring leading talent for your horticulture business or finding a CEA career, please have a look at the following Search & Hire Examples to see some of our past work: 

Horticulture Recruiting for C-Level Talent   

As the premier staffing agency in the Hydroponics industry, many of our business associates directly relate to the CEA / horticulture space. As such, we have developed an extensive catalog of C-Level Talent in both crop production and horticulture equipment. Indeed, these passive candidates are leaders in their fields and understand the challenges of the CEA space in the United States and Canada. In dealing with such top-level horticulture recruiting work, we have conducted searches for CEOs, General Managers, CFOs, and more.  

Technical Salespeople

As seen in traditional agriculture and cannabis, the horticulture space needs qualified salespeople to thrive. Therefore, to fill this gap, M&F Talent has developed an extensive network of Technical Salespeople. These highly sought-after candidates have experience in B2B / direct to grower sales with commercial producers in both cannabis and foods. They also understand the technical dimensions of issues like horticultural lighting, greenhouse design, environmental controllers, fertigation systems, and more.  

R&D Professionals  

In developing different crops and products, modern horticulture businesses are often reliant on the work of R&D Professionals. As the CEA industry continues to advance and evolve, people like Geneticists and Soil Scientists work tirelessly to develop more efficient forms of crop production. This work is vital to a horticulture company’s bottom-line. As the premier technical recruiters in the horticulture industry, we have deep connections with R&D Professionals in our network. 


Over the years, M&F Talent has worked with some of the leading vertical farming businesses in the market. In working for these clients, we have seen firsthand how difficult it is to find qualified and knowledgeable CEA Cultivators. This notion is particularly true concerning Hydroponic Greenhouse Growers. In the horticulture space, the marriage of these two methodologies is still relatively new. As such, M&F Talent is always on the lookout for talented individuals with such relevant CEA experience. 

Logistics Leadership in the Horticulture Industry

Qualified Logistics Leadership is vital for success in the modern horticulture industry. To be clear, businesses interested in commercial food production must carefully balance the demands of seasonality, infrastructure, and spoilage with fluctuating consumer demand. As such, strong leaders with polished organizational insight and a roadmap to success are essential in the CEA business. Fortunately, M&F Talent regularly works with Managerial and Executive level candidates with this level of expertise.  

Information Technology (IT) Teams  

As the horticulture industry continues to grow, so does the technology that fuels new forms of CEA crop production. As such, horticultural practices have also become reliant on IT Professionals to function profitably. Within CEA operations, companies trust heavily on software to monitor such things as temperaturehumidity, and airflow. Similarly, today’s leading cultivation technology companies integrate software for smart grow systems like brains and environmental controllers. M&F Talent has conducted several searches for IT Professionals with experience in the horticulture space.  


If you are interested in speaking with the M&F Talent recruiters about horticulture recruiting, please inquire at info@mandfconsultants.com 

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At M&F Talent, we know that the horticulture, hydroponics, and cannabis industries are defined by the outstanding people and best practices that make these markets thrive. As such, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, and communication in our recruiting practice.

M&F Talent’s mission is to cultivate professionalism across horticulture, hydroponics, and cannabis by instilling our values within our network. Moving forward, and in union with our clients, candidates, and peers, we will help lay the foundation for industry growth and success.

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