Industry News: February 2019

As an industry leading cannabis recruiting agency, M&F Talent is eager to see what 2019 has in store. Thus far, this year is ramping up to be a monumental year for the cannabis space. Nonetheless, as the industry continues to grow exponentially in both the U.S. and Canada, it brings with it both opportunity and hardship. If you are actively looking for cannabis jobs, hemp jobs, or hydroponics careers, a level head and a strong knowledge base can help guide sound decision making processes. Often times, a marijuana staffing agency can help you understand this pivotal information. They can also recommend sound cannabis training programs.

As a leading cannabis recruiting agency, Mac & Fulton Talent Partners takes great pride in learning about the nuances of the industry. Therefore, as the market is consistently in flux with the rise of new legislation and opportunity, we carefully monitor these potential arenas of employment. M&F Talent feels this is the only way to make sound hiring recommendations in a novel, volatile marketplace. With this hard-won expertise, our network of clients and candidates trusts our opinion with difficult decisions about employment opportunities.

With a diverse team background in technical recruitment, CEA cultivation, cannabis industry writing, and ancillary sales, M&F Talent provides an unmatched level of knowledge with our recruiting capabilities. In an industry sometimes steeped in arrogance, where everyone claims to be a “master grower” or “cannabis consultant,” we offer a breath of fresh air in humbleness and practical experience. As such, our clients can trust us helping them make the difficult decisions in candidate sourcing and hiring. Similarly, candidates put their faith in us that we will find them a career in which they will thrive. Both vital contingencies in recruiting success are hinged on the fact that we understand the market.

Tips for Working with a Cannabis Recruiting Agency

cannabis recruiting agency, marijuana staffing agency

Because we are an established marijuana staffing agency, M&F Talent is consistently questioned by candidates about the best way to find a job in the cannabis industry. Conversely, as trusted industry experts, it is our responsibility to help these individuals understand their best chances for success in the cannabis business. Balancing the demands of both sides of this working relationship can be challenging. As such, if you are interested in working with a cannabis recruiting agency like M&F Talent, the following tips will help you develop, as well as maintain, a good relationship with recruiters.


Resumes are important. If you are interested in working with a marijuana staffing agency, a resume will be your primary representation. While we do pride ourselves on our deep client relationships, we still need a functioning resume to get a candidate’s “foot in the door” at a business. Similarly, poorly written resumes reflect negatively on a candidate from the outset. Therefore, if you are interested in working with a marijuana staffing agency, the relationship begins with attractive and functional marijuana resumes.


Another great tip for working with a cannabis recruiting agency boils down to honesty. At M&F Talent, we base our working relationships on trust. To this end, we would rather have a candidate be up front with us about their past (legal or other). We find this method to be preferable to finding out about an issue further into the hiring process. With an honest approach, you can begin developing a trusted relationship with a marijuana staffing agency. In the end, this relationship could lead to a fruitful career.


cannabis recruiting agency, marijuana staffing agency

If you have ever worked recruiters before, you will know that nothing can hinder a partnership like poor communication. That being said, motivated job seekers should always make themselves available to their recruitment team. Often times, marijuana staffing agencies operate at the whim of their client’s needs. This notion sometimes translates into last minute calls and interviews.


The final consideration to make if you are planning on working with a cannabis recruiting agency is timeliness. Please note, all good recruiters gauge a candidate’s punctuality as part of the vetting process. To this end, if you are unable to follow-through on scheduled appointments, it will lessen your chances of getting hired.

Interview Preparation 

The interview process can be quite daunting. As such, its important to remember that recruiters are professional interviewers. If you begin working with a marijuana staffing agency, they can help prepare you for an interview. The interview preparation process generally involves a review of difficult questions. Also, your recruiter can help you explain gaps in your work history or other items that may stand out to a discerning hiring party.

Offer Negotiation 

Just as seen with the interview process, head hunters are experts at offer negotiations. That being said, if you work with a cannabis recruiting agency, be sure to discuss your needs and wants with your Account Manager before discussing them with a potential employer. This extra step could be the key to landing a dream job.

Cannabis Career Assessment and Resume Writing Service

Working as an industry leading cannabis recruiting agency, the team at Mac & Fulton Talent Partners has seen a resounding interest from talented individuacannabis recruiting agency, marijuana staffing agencyls looking to work in the industry. However, these people are having a difficult time “breaking in” to the cannabis field. This is largely due to a lack of direct experience.

To help rectify these issues, M&F Talent has devised a Career Assessment and Resume Writing Program that helps people understand how their previous work experience applies to the cannabis industry. Also, we develop targeted, cannabis-specific resumes that get the attention of hiring parties in the industry. M&F Talent is constantly in contact with cannabis business leaders and candidate. As such, we are in unique position to offer this service.

M&F Talent’s cannabis resume writing program is spearhead by our Director of Business Development, Kent Gruetzmacher. Over the last few years, he has established himself as a writer and thought-leader in the cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture space. Kent has developed many of the criteria for writing marijuana resumes seen in the industry today.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting new service, please contact: