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recruitment, cannabis space, hydroponics equipment, staffing agencies Mike Ruane

Co-Founder / Principle / Lead Recruiter: Illinois 

Mike Ruane has over a decade of experience with technical recruitment in engineering, logistics, and manufacturing. Mike has the rare ability to intuitively understand client demands and match them with candidate aptitudes. As such, his expertise extends far beyond the impersonal “key word search” methods utilized by less experienced recruitment and staffing agencies in the cannabis space. With a “technical eye for hires,” Mike has struck up a particularly strong rapport with the R+D and departments of hydroponics equipment powerhouses such as Grodan and Hydrofarm.

Mike has been enjoying his transition into recruitment for cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture. It is evident that his affinity with technical recruitment has elevated M&F Talent to the leading staffing agency for hydroponics equipment manufacturers. Mike has also been extremely influential in the cannabis space, where he has helped develop hiring criteria for cannabis extraction and testing facilities. Mike has an extensive network of industry peers in Illinois and beyond.


recruitment, cannabis space, hydroponics equipment, staffing agencies Kent Gruetzmacher

Co-Founder / Director of Business Development: Colorado 

Kent Gruetzmacher adds a breadth of medical marijuana and recruitment knowledge to the team at M&F Talent. For starters, Kent is an established writer and thought leader in the indoor gardening and cannabis space, regularly contributing content to online and print publications such as: Maximum Yield Magazine, HydroLife Magazine, Sensi Magazine, The Fresh Toast, Ganajapreneur, and Cannabis & Tech Today Magazine. Also, he does brand development and blogging for industry leading marketing companies in the cannabis space.

Kent’s writing work, covering topics from cannabis recruitment to hydroponics equipment, has put him in touch with some of the biggest and brightest names in the cannabis space and beyond. For example, Kent has recently been added to the Editorial Advisory Board at Maximum Yield Cannabis Magazine. Also, his writing work has been recognized by such icons in the cannabis space as Rick Simpson and Steve DeAngelo. Moreover, he has given lectures on “cannabis industry resume writing” for such events the CannaCon convention. Finally, Kent has started doing editorial and writing work on a cannabis cultivation book with Ed Rosenthal.

M&F Talent regularly leverages this unparalleled network of connection in our recruitment efforts. Consequently, no staffing agencies in the cannabis space have this depth of respect from such industry icons.

recruitment, cannabis space, hydroponics equipment, staffing agencies


Aaron Perlman

Business Development / Account Management: Colorado

Aaron Perlman adds an invaluable personal network to the recruitment efforts at M&F Talent. Aaron is located in Denver, CO and has an affinity for making personal connections in the cannabis space. He regularly works with some of the largest cannabis cultivation operations in the world. Similarly, Aaron has extensive sales experience with hydroponics equipment, extraction technology, and seed-to-sale software.

Aaron is a regular at cannabis industry networking events in around Colorado and makes consistent trips to California. Therefore, while many staffing agencies in the cannabis space operate within the confines of the internet, Aaron enjoys personal networking. As such, Aaron has an established network of passive candidates. Please keep an eye out for Aaron, he’s a great guy who really enjoys spreading a positive message in the industry.

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Our Mission

The cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture industries are defined by the people and technology that make crop production possible. Moreover, both food and cannabis production are merging into a unified talent pool of controlled environment agriculture authorities. From greenhouse cultivators to retail salespeople, this talent pool is the future of these markets.

At M&F Talent, our mission is to engage these dynamic verticals by recruiting the progressive talent that makes these industries thrive. In the end, the success of our clients will help ensure a consistent supply of quality food and cannabis products for the globe to enjoy.

As these markets continue to evolve, M&F Talent will continue to align ourselves with those professionals passionate about pushing the industry forward with skill and integrity.

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