The Importance of Vetting Cannabis Employers

Mac & Fulton Talent Partners understands that while the cannabis industry is growing exponentially, it is still in its infancy. Therefore, fully understanding the dynamics of this novel market is challenging for both the employer and the employee. While doing criminal background checks on new hires is normal, it’s also important for candidates to vet potential employers.

If you have worked in the cannabis industry at all, there is no doubt you have heard horror stories about labor law violations. In fact, even some of the industry’s largest players like MedMen have faced serious charges due to the failure to follow basic guidelines like paying minimum wage or offering overtime compensation.vetting cannabis employers

Before you head out into the field and start applying for jobs, it’s important that you take the time to properly vet your potential new employer.

The Startup Nature of the Cannabis Industry

For those already in the industry, the chance to play a vital role in shaping its future becomes a core source of career satisfaction. Yet, the market is dominated by small businesses and startups. So, the industry’s dynamism brings its own set of hurdles, such as unclear regulations and a rapidly evolving market landscape, which are not typical of more established industries. Not only do changing laws make it difficult for business owners to remain compliant and profitable, but they also make it hard to find a job with a stable company.

The evolving and dynamic legal landscape of the cannabis industry can lead to job market volatility, impacting long-term security for some positions. New companies are scrambling to develop functioning businesses in this still nascent market. The rapid growth of the cannabis industry (now legal in 24 U.S. states) has attracted some entrepreneurs and investors with ambitious short-term profit goals, which can contribute to market volatility.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Tough Questions

An extremely effective means of vetting cannabis employers is to be upfront during the interview process. This often means asking tough questions like: “Why did the last employee in this role leave?” or “What sort of turnover rates do you have?”

It may seem somewhat daunting to press a potential employer on these tough questions, but the best businesses should respect applicants for being upfront. If a potential employer seems agitated by such queries, it could indicate that they have some skeletons in their closet.

In the end, being upfront can save you from the heartache that comes with working for a dysfunctional business.

Research Employee Reviews

After the initial interview phase, some of the more astute job searchers will request to speak to other company employees when deciding if the business and its culture fit them. With information from the horse’s mouth, applicants can get a feel for the satisfaction levels of their potential co-workers and gauge workplace general morale.

If you aren’t able to talk directly with a potential co-worker, looking at employee reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed is a great means for vetting cannabis employers. If they have a track record of treating people poorly, it will undoubtedly show up on these popular websites.

Look for Well Funded Cannabis Companies

vetting cannabis employers

Prior to starting a job search, M&F encourages candidates to research and discover those cannabis companies that have recently received funding. A significant theme seen among dissatisfied cannabis industry employees has to do with liquidity. This is because the industry is plagued by startup business owners who cannot pay their employees on time, if at all.

With this critical approach, job searchers can target businesses with enough money on hand to handle payroll. On a similar note, the cannabis companies that have received funding have been thoroughly vetted by their financiers. This would generally point to an entity maintaining solid internal organization and following a good business model.

Final Thoughts: Vetting Cannabis Employers

In today’s dynamic cannabis industry, thorough research is a two-way street. While employers and entrepreneurs naturally want qualified and savvy candidates, as a job seeker, you should find a stable and reputable company that aligns with your values and ambitions. By asking tough questions, connecting with current employees, and researching a company’s background and financial health, you can make a prudent decision about your future in cannabis. Rather than working for a dysfunctional organization, vetting cannabis employers is a smart and logical decision.

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