Navigating Cannabis Work Duration Issues

Since the very earliest days of legal cannabis, the industry has had systemic disorganization issues. Because every cannabis business is a startup, many companies struggle to develop the very structures that hold more established organizations together. Whether it be a lack of proper training or basic HR protocols, such shortcomings impact employee engagement and cannabis work durations.

Due to the highly volatile nature of the cannabis industry, it has a notoriously high turnover rate. As the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) reports, “the cannabis industry has a higher employee turnover rate [than most industries] at 40%-60% within the first 2 months.” While volatile startups and changing laws certainly impact people’s ability to remain at a cannabis job for a significant amount of time, how do cannabis work durations impact someone’s ability to find future jobs?

While many of the factors that cause cannabis businesses to downsize or file bankruptcy are out of your control, there are a few steps you can take to ensure more stability in your cannabis career – and subsequent work history.cannabis work durations

The Cannabis Job Market

There is no doubt that the cannabis industry holds a good deal of promise for hopeful candidates. In fact, as the Cannabis Business Times reports, the industry created an amazing 280 jobs per day in the year 2021 alone. This surge in hiring in 2021 was a 300% increase from 2019, where total new jobs grew from 33,000 in 2019 to 110,000 in 2021.

While the industry is rapidly growing, it’s also fiercely competitive. Investopedia explains, “As the legal cannabis industry continues to mature, more established companies outside of the industry are expanding their foothold. The so-called ‘addiction’ industries—alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals—have been heavily investing in the cannabis market. They have been acquiring many companies with the intent of selling cannabis en masse as they do their own products.”

As cannabis businesses fight to establish themselves, it has a direct impact on their ability to provide stable work environments for employees. The subsequent pressure of the industry often causes the parties to split ways. Employers frequently lack compensation packages that can measure up to an employee’s worth. This can demotivate the workers, prompting them to make a swift exit.

Why Work Durations are Important

cannabis work durations

Unless you have worked as a recruiter, you might not be aware of just how important work durations are for hiring parties. When a hiring company views your resume, they are looking for the value you can add to their business. A stable employee willing to stick it out and remain with the company through the ups and downs is hugely attractive.

If your work history has several short job durations of 6 to 12 months, employers might assume you are “job hopping” and looking for the next best thing. Having worked 4 or 5 cannabis jobs over the past five years demonstrates a similar pattern and casts a shadow over your dependability.

Tips for Building a Sustainable Career Path

While volatility and high turnover rates are simply part of working in the cannabis industry, there are a few things you can do to protect your professional profile:

Choose Your Employer Wisely

If you are looking to work in the cannabis space or switch career paths within the industry, be sure that you thoroughly vet your potential employer.

Researching a potential cannabis employer’s financial situation is vital for job stability. Examine their funding sources, profitability, and growth prospects. Look for financial transparency, recent investments, and market position. Strong financial health indicates the ability to offer competitive salaries, benefits, and long-term job security, making it a critical step in your job search process.

cannabis work durations

Cover Letters & Interview Prep

A cover letter and interview provide opportunities to address short cannabis work durations. Use your cover letter to highlight your passion for the industry, the skills you’ve acquired, and how each role contributed to your professional growth.

During the interview, honestly discuss the industry’s volatility and emphasize your commitment to finding a stable, long-term position. Explain how previous experiences have prepared you for this role and your dedication to contributing to the company’s success. Demonstrating self-awareness and a proactive approach to career stability can reassure potential employers of your reliability – regardless of short cannabis work durations in the past.

Those experienced in the cannabis industry understand it is not always the employee’s fault that a job doesn’t work out.

Work with a Cannabis Recruiter

If you are looking for a stable career in this dynamic industry, it’s also a good idea to work with an experienced cannabis recruiter. Organizations like Mac & Fulton Talent Partners will get you on the right path with our deep understanding of industry trends and hiring practices.

Not only will M&F Talent guide you in applying for different cannabis jobs, but we also know which organizations can provide stable and long-lasting careers for their new hires.

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