Need Help on Your Hemp Job Search?

Looking back at 2019, perhaps no segment of the cannabis industry experienced the sort of growth as seen with the U.S. hemp market. To this end, national legalization led to a boom in new hemp companies, including cultivation, processing, and medical products. Within this flux of new growth, thousands of new hemp jobs were created overnight. Yet, as many interested applicants have found, hemp job searching presents unique challenges in itself.

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As the nation’s seminal outdoor hemp cultivation season came to a close with fall 2019, many hemp businesses were left facing some harsh realities. Unfortunately for many of them, lack of experience and poor planning led to dismal harvests and massive financial losses. These sad scenarios also put people’s hemp industry jobs at risk.

For those applicants interested in finding employment in this industry, M&F Talent put together a few key hemp job search tips. These parameters should be employed in vetting potential hemp industry employers for both stability and longevity. Ideally, they can also help you avoid many of the pitfalls faced by people currently working in the hemp space.

Hemp Job Turnover Rates

Turnover rates are a great indicator of job stability with a hemp company. To this end, if you find out that a business has employed 3 people for the same role in the past year, it could be a red flag. Because, high turnover rates are usually a symptom of larger problems such as disorganization and mismanagement.

Business Fundinghemp job

When discussing a potential job with a hemp company, it’s not rude to ask how the business is being funded. For example, large hemp companies who have received public funding have been thoroughly vetted for longevity. As such, they often afford a more stable work environment than seen with small businesses. In the end, its always a good idea to ensure your potential employer can afford your salary.

Hemp Job Organization

As the hemp industry is entirely comprised of startup businesses, a lack of internal organization is one of the largest factors hindering success. To this end, it’s a good idea to discuss things like Standard Operating Procedures and Employee Handbooks with your potential employer. If these sorts of measures have been implemented, there is a good chance this business can provide a stable workplace.

Compliancehemp job

As the national hemp business continues to fall under more scrutiny from the FDA and USDA, all serious hemp companies must populate their business plans with strict compliance initiatives. These include both following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and employing cannabinoid testing protocols. In the end, asking a potential employer about their compliance protocols is a great way to test their longevity.


The national hemp industry offers a plethora of opportunities for both business owners and hemp professionals. However, the volatility of the hemp market makes for a very difficult environment in finding stable work. Therefore, keep these hemp job search tips at the front of your mind as you research this exciting new industry.