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M&F Talent Recruiting: Knowledge, Experience, and Integrity

M&F Talent provides an unmatched level of knowledge with our recruitment capabilities. Because of this, we have a diverse team background in technical recruitment, ancillary sales, and cannabis writing. M&F Talent differentiates ourselves from other staffing agencies through our operational excellence and technical capabilities. Similarly, our talent network in the hydroponics equipment industry and cannabis space look to us as trusted friends simply because we are a part of the industry. 

M&F Talent offers “a breath of fresh air” in humbleness and practical experience in this new industry. To this end, unlike less experienced staffing agencies, our clients can trust us to help them make difficult decisions in hiring. Similarly, candidates put their faith in us that we will find them a career in which they will thrive. These necessary contingencies in recruitment success hinge on the fact that we understand the market and are passionate about what we do. 


M&F Talent Brand Story

At M&F Talent, we feel  modern methods of crop production are  key to establishing sustainable sources of food, medicine, and pleasure. The cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture industries thrive thanks to the passionate people that make up these businesses. Indeed, this talent pool is the future of these dynamic markets. That’s because they consistently push for standardized best practices across all business verticals.

The recruitment team at M&F Talent is honored to participate in the forward progression of the cannabis, horticulture, and hydroponics equipment industries. These unique markets intrigue us and we take great pride in learning about our client’s businesses. As a detail-oriented recruitment service, we engender fruitful relationships that balance diverse skill-sets with specific needs. To this end, we facilitate those hires that require hard-won expertise.

M&F Talent also understands that the continued advancement of the cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture markets requires more than a basic business sense. As such, we align ourselves with professionals who are passionate about cannabis industry advancement. Within our recruitment operations, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of communication and follow-through. We also challenge our peers to realize these values.

M&F Talent approaches each client relationships with a partnership mentality. To this end, we act with honesty and transparency in every facet of our business. M&F Talent knows that the success of our clients determines our success. Therefore, we remain trusted partners and consultants to our clients well after the placement of a candidate.  

M&F Talent’s candidate network consists of inspired individuals who share in our values of professionalism. Whether a retail salesperson or greenhouse cultivator, our talent pool represents those who contribute to the growth and stability of the market. Looking forward, M&F Talent candidates remain on the cutting-edge of the industry, as their careers are motivated by more than a paycheck.

M&F Talent Recruitment Team

recruitment, cannabis space, hydroponics equipment, staffing agenciesMike Ruane

Co-Founder / Principal / Lead Recruiter: Illinois 

Mike Ruane has over a decade of experience with technical recruitment in engineering, logistics, and manufacturing. Mike has the rare ability to understand client demands and match them with candidate aptitudes intuitively. As such, his expertise extends far beyond the impersonal “keyword search” methods utilized by less experienced recruitment and staffing agencies in the cannabis space. With a “technical eye for hires,” Mike has struck up a particularly strong rapport with the R+D and departments of hydroponics equipment powerhouses such as Grodan and Hydrofarm.

Mike is enjoying his transition into cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture recruitment. His affinity with technical recruitment has elevated M&F Talent to the position of leading staffing agency for hydroponics equipment manufacturers. Mike has also been widely influential in the cannabis space. In this arena, he helped develop the hiring criteria for cannabis extraction and testing facilities. Mike has an extensive network of industry peers in Illinois and beyond.


Kent Gruetzmacher

Co-Founder / Director of Business Development: Colorado 

Kent Gruetzmacher adds a breadth of medical marijuana and recruitment knowledge to the team at M&F Talent. To start, Kent is an established writer and thought-leader in the indoor gardening and cannabis space. He regularly contributes to online and print publications such as Maximum Yield Magazine, HydroLife Magazine, Sensi Magazine, The Fresh Toast, Ganajapreneur, and Cannabis & Tech Today Magazine. He also does brand development and blogging for industry-leading marketing companies in the cannabis space.

Kent’s writing work covers topics from cannabis recruitment to hydroponics equipment. As such, he is in touch with some of the most influential people in the cannabis space and beyond. For example, Kent recently became part of the Editorial Advisory Board at Maximum Yield Cannabis Magazine. Additionally, his writing is recognized by such cannabis icons as Rick Simpson and Steve DeAngelo. Moreover, he gives lectures on “cannabis industry resume writing” for events like the CannaCon convention.

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Our Mission

At M&F Talent, we know that the cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture industries are defined by the outstanding people and best practices that make these markets thrive. As such, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, and communication in our recruiting practice.

M&F Talent’s mission is to cultivate professionalism across cannabis, hydroponics, and horticulture by instilling our values within our network. Moving forward, and in union with our clients, candidates, and peers, we will help lay the foundation for industry growth and success.

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