Seed Enhancement Research Tech (IL)


Seed Enhancement Research Tech

M&F Talent has a client that develops seed stock for commercial farms and ornamental producers. Our client needs to hire a new Seed Enhancement Tech for their operation in the Chicago area. This person will help improve the speed and uniformity of germination, increase the mechanized ‘sowability’ for grower customers and prevent or reduce the potential for seed-borne disease.

The Seed Enhancement Research Technician will be responsible for modernizing existing treatment processes to increase capacities and efficiency for our client. They will also help develop new innovative treatments. The Seed Enhancement Research Tech will also be responsible for the training of staff members.

Location: Chicago, IL


  • Increase capacity and decrease complexity of present seed enhancement processes.
  • Lead and train skilled labor groups by increasing the utilization of existing automation.
  • Learn from existing staff members while you add your skills to the mix of a very diverse research group.
  • Develop crop-specific solutions for challenging products.
  • Move towards biological controls and OMRI-registered products and inputs.
  • Conduct experiments to validate proposed seed conditioning solutions and improvements.
  • Collaborate with seed production and production research teams to advise on best practices.
  • Complete the transfer of automated disc pelleting to the next-generation machine.
  • Identify and switch single pelleted items from pelleting pans to spinning disc.
  • Identify and switch products from coating columns to spinning disc.
  • Switch the core logic of automated pelleting programs for the volume of seeds as a basis to pick recipes to size and quantity of seeds to pick recipes.
  • Fully leverage imaging of pelleted seed technology in existing and new processes.
  • Learn and evaluate opportunities that exist in seed coating to improve efficiencies.
  • Learn and evaluate opportunities to streamline the post-pelleting screening and handling.
  • Learn and evaluate organic\biological solutions or options for our existing products.


  • Intermediate level (3-5 years) of Industrial automation experience. Ideally a background in working with automated equipment in batch processing.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a basic science or engineering, or an Associate’s degree in industrial automation required.
  • Related industry experience like working in product formulations – paint, food processing, multi-ingredient batch processed items (preferred).
  • A combination of chemistry/biology skills (preferred).
  • A good understanding of science and how to apply technical solutions to production processes targeting specific problems is (preferred).
  • A good understanding of seed physiology (preferred).
  • Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds, work on light mechanical setups, sit and stand for long periods of time.
  • A good understanding of science and how to apply technical solutions to production processes targeting specific problems (preferred).
  • A good understanding of seed physiology (preferred).
  • Practical knowledge or ability to learn of process improvement methodologies (I.E. KAIZEN, TQM, PDCA, DMAIC, 5S, SMED, WASTE).
  • Practical understanding or the ability to learn of root cause analysis and risk avoidance tools (i.e. ISHIKAWA/cause and effect diagrams, 5-WHY, FMEA).

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