LED Specialist / Plant Scientist (Remote)


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LED Specialist / Plant Scientist

M&F Talent has a horticultural lighting client that is interested in hiring an LED Specialist / Plant Scientist. This person will work with R&D teams to test and develop different lighting recipes for different cannabis strains and cultivars.

Our client has been in the lighting business for over a decade. They have invested a significant amount of capital to develop a 6-channel, tunable light, that is geared specifically towards cannabis growers and their unique strains. The company is based in the USA, with a presence in CA, MI, and CO.

Location: Remote


  • Develop custom lighting recipes that are focused on unique cannabis varieties and cultivars.
  • Monitor the cannabis market for the latest popular strains.
  • Collect cannabis genetics for the purpose of testing with different lighting species.
  • Study different LED light spectrums as they pertain to different strains of cannabis and growth phases.
  • Take detailed notes of observations in the test grow facility.
  • Troubleshoot new lighting designs with the R&D team.
  • Make product recommendations to the R&D team based on relevant data.
  • Work with R&D Director who is located outside of the country.
  • Keep tabs on the grow room environment for anomalies that might impact yield.


  • BA Degree in Plant Sciences (preferred)
  • Possess a thorough understanding of LED lighting, lighting spectra, and the different effects each light spectrum has on plants.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the cannabis plant, and cannabis plant growth cycles.
  • Expert understanding of indoor gardening and grow room design.
  • Detail oriented and comfortable working in a lab setting.
  • Able to manage projects while working remotely.

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