Head Grower – Leafy Greens (MT)

Head Grower – Leafy Greens

M&F Talent has a greenhouse cultivation client that is looking to hire a new Head Grower. This person will help deliver the freshest, tastiest, locally grown produce in the fewest food miles possible.

The Head Grower is ultimately responsible for all Quality Assurance aspects of the Company’s production activities.  Working in Tandem with the Production Manager (responsible for Quality Control), there shall exist a continued feedback loop between the two in an effort to improve systems, processes, infrastructure, and techniques with the goal of growing consistent, reliable high-quality crops.  It is the role of the Quality Assurance to plan, develop, research and train, whereas Quality Control is responsible for the execution of parameters set forth by QA.

Location: Montana


  1. Ensure Exceptional Plant Health: Utilizing their experience and the resources available to them, the Head Grower will be responsible for the overall health of the plantshead grower
    1. Expectations:
      1. Establish optimal growing conditions for maximizing yield.
      2. Manage nutrient recipes and their implementation into the system.
      3. Ensure growing systems are continually maintaining pre-defined environmental ranges (temp, humidity, Ph, nutrient balance).
      4. Manage facility IPM program keeping pest pressure below economic thresholds.
      5. Provide input to ongoing Research and Development initiatives and assist growers tasks with Trial Programs.
  2. Ensure Exceptional Product Quality : Responsible for growing products which meet or exceed quality standards.
    1. Expectations:
      1. Establish product quality standards that align with established company specifications such that there exists uniformity and consistency from day to day
      2. Ensure consistency of product volume and yields from day to day and communicate daily with facility leadership on upcoming expectations.
      3. Daily, weekly and monthly yield forecasts will be reported and socialized openly.
      4. Ensure all staff are aware of and have been trained on quality expectations.
  3. Food Safety Compliance Responsible for ensuring that product grown at the facility comply with company food safety standards.
    1. Expectations:
      1. All procedures are in accordance with the Company’s food safety policies and staff has been trained and kept up to date on any changes to said policy.
      2. Logs and records are being completed and submitted in a timely and reliable manner.
      3. Will notify supervisor immediately upon the occurrence of any potential food safety incident perceived or otherwise.
  4. Recording, organizing and communicating Growing Systems Data: Responsible the aggregation of production data from the operation and to quickly and efficiently communicate any issues that might affect production.
    1. Expectations:
      1. Manage the collection, aggregation, and communication of critical Greenhouse data.
      2. Be the source of truth for all data sets pertaining to the greenhouse (i.e. nutrient analysis, historical environmental data, chemical or additive treatments, movement of plants or materials, etc.)


  1. Reliable Yields: Develop and implement systems, and infrastructure that ensures yield targets are consistently met.
  2. Consistent Quality: Develop and implement systems, and infrastructure that ensures quality targets are consistently met.
  3. Dependable Safety:  Develop and implement systems, and infrastructure that ensures food safety targets are consistently met.
  4. Consistent Repeatable Execution: Create a system of procedures and equipment that Production can reliably execute on growing amazing plants day in and day out.  Systems should be scalable in order to support facility expansions and provide a Play Book for future facilities.


Role: Lead Company Training Requirements


  1. Determine Wholistic Training Program Requirements: Responsible for establishing employee training requirements across the company.
    1. Expectations:
      1. Develop and publish training requirements such that all stakeholders are aware of what they must be trained on given their employment level.
      2. Tie training  accomplishments to employment levels.
      3. Maintain on-going, up to date employee training records.
      4. Ensure proper documentation of trainings are recorded and stored in such a manner that they are easily referenced in the event of a food safety audit or HR decision.
      5. The training program shall reflect and reinforce the Company’s mission, vision, values, and culture.
  2. Development of Training Materials: Responsible for the development of training materials to satisfy the requirements set forth above in section 1.
    1. Expectations:
      1. Ensure adequate training materials are available and up to date for all required training.
      2. Develop unique or original training materials for systems or processes particular to the Company’s modus operandi.
      3. Identify, vet, and institute third party training materials when appropriate.
      4. Work with leadership to establish an annual training budget which includes but is not limited to training materials, supplies, courses, travel, etc.
      5. Aggregate Training Program materials into a facility launch play book, making regular updates as changes occur.


  1. Conduct Training Activities: Responsible for administering training program to Company staff or related stakeholders.
    1. Expectations:
      1. Regularly conduct training session for new hires to ensure they meet the minimum training requirements to carry out tasks identified in their initial job descriptions
      2. As required in section 1 above, ensure regular (quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) RE-training of employees is carried out in a timely manner.
      3. Ensure employee understanding and comprehension of training materials through various methods (testing, spot checks, audits, etc.).
      4. Facilitate the scheduling, registration, or any prerequisites for training sessions employees might encounter.
      5. Accountable for moving employees through their training progression schedule as set forth in section 1 above in a timely manner.
      6. Ensure yourself stays up to date with any and all certifications required to administer said Training Program materials.  Additionally, actively research and seek out additional educational or certificate opportunities which could elevate your abilities in this realm.


  1. Fully Trained Staff: All staff will have been trained in accordance with their job description and their area of focus within the facility.
  2. Employee Empowerment and Progression via Training Program: Employees are aware of what training sessions are needed for them to progress their careers across the entire facility and opportunities for them to do so are made available.
  3. Zero Production Interference due to lack of Training : Employees are sufficiently trained such that their skill sets and understanding of processes does not pose an imminent risk to production.
  4. Zero Safety Incidents due to lack of Training: Employees are sufficiently trained such that their skill sets and understanding of processes does not pose an imminent risk to personal or food safety.
  5. Scalable Training Program Play Book : Production of a comprehensive Training Program Play Book that can be scaled to multiple facilities and can be administered by multiple “Trainers.”


If you would like to learn more about the Head Grower job, or another horticulture career, contact us at info@mandfconsultants.com.

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