Greenhouse Manager – CEA Crops (IL, PA, NC)

Greenhouse Manager – CEA Crops

M&F Talent has a CEA farm client who is looking to hire 3 new Greenhouse Managers for their operations in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

The Greenhouse Managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of the greenhouse and packaging plans in a safe and efficient manner. They must be able to effectively manage a team with the constant goal of continuous improvement. Finally, the Greenhouse Managers will enforce protocols and documentation as related to food safety.

Location: IL, PA, NC


  • Directly manage the workforce to achieve GH objectives, including hiring, firing, labor planning, workforce organization, and labor reporting across all greenhouse departments.greenhouse manager
  • Be accountable for converting plant yield into revenue, operating expenses, the operation of the facility. This includes production (WIP and people) planning and reporting, labor management, balancing inputs, throughput & demand, and facilities maintenance.
  • Oversee inventory control and manage inbound and outbound shipments of production supplies.
  • Manage and monitor labor expenses, energy utilization, and other operating expenses.
  • Emphasize LEAN organization and will guide the company through activities to improve system efficiencies.
  • Maintain a neat, orderly, and safe greenhouse facility and operation.
  • Train the greenhouse employees on all food safety material, food safety best practices, as well as maintaining, monitoring, and verifying all food safety logs.
  • Work closely with the General Manager and the Greenhouse Head Grower and other members of the management team.
  • Coordinate supplies with vendors/partners.
  • Track all incoming, outgoing, and consumption of inventory for work in process (WIP) inventory, packaging materials, supplies, PPE, and chemicals.
  • Assist and support the Head Grower in all aspects of the greenhouse management and provide labor and resources to assist as needed.


  • 2-4 years of College.
  • 2-4 years of experience in a production environment or related work experience.
  • 3-5 years experience directly managing individuals working on production lines. Successful candidates will have demonstrated the ability to achieve production targets while controlling costs and achieving quality standards.
  • Experience in hiring, terminating, promoting, and leading hourly employees.
  • Experience in performance-based organizations and experience in the fundamental tools of Lean Business.
  • Training in Food Safety and Sanitation.
  • Ability to create documents such as standard operating procedures, safety rules, label mixing instructions.
  • Ability to fulfill routine logs related to food safety and inspection reports.
  • Capable of maintaining a calm and collected composure during times of disorder, speaking to others in a respectful manner, and is skilled at productively handling multiple personality types.


To discuss the Greenhouse Manager jobs in more detail, or talk to a CEA recruiter at M&F Talent, please reach out at

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