Director of Operations – Topicals (CO)

Director of Operations – Cannabis Topicals

Our client, one of the most successful and longest-standing topical brands in the US, is looking for a Director of Operations. Founded in Colorado in 2009, our client stands behind their passion for the holistic wellness approach, which built the foundation of their business over a decade ago. Unlike most topical brands in the emerging cannabis industry that use distillate or extracted oil to add to their base ingredients for a final product, they continue to utilize a Whole Plant Approach which maintains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other healing compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant.

The Director of Operations position is responsible for oversight of all operational functions from the beginning procurement phase of materials, through production/fulfillment/delivery of the finished goods. Additionally, managing administrative areas of business while collaborating closely with the VP of US Sales, the CFO, and the Owner to support financial portions of the business.

Responsibilities:director of operations

  • Accurate record keeping with METRC for compliance
  • Maintaining Vendor Relations and inventory counts of supplies/materials
  • Timely execution of Lab Testing with minimizing costs whenever possible
  • Sales fulfillment for MJM with customers both in CO and through Lic deals
  • Coordinate with co-pack company handling production of Botanicals Hemp line
  • Timely execution of Payroll & all A/P with outside vendors & A/R with customers
  • Updating Invoices for QuickBooks accurately and consistently to support the CFO & Accounting
  • Managing all aspects of METRC to ensure compliance with the state, including weekly tracking of inventory to cross reference against physical inventory count from Production Manager
  • Collaborate with VP Sales to establish the weekly production goal in-line with projected sales, and clearly communicating goals to Production Team
  • Manage the production team’s efficiencies in accomplishing weekly goals with the intention of always looking for improvement to lower labor costs and increase profitability for the company
  • Work with production team to maintain accurate inventory count on all raw materials, containers, labels, ingredients, etc.
  • Weekly monitoring of forecasting and inventory flow to ensure accuracy and par levels are maintained in advance of demand
  • Owning the relationship with all outside vendors and ordering items needed to meet projected sales, while always exploring new vendors to save the company money
  • Owning the testing process with outside labs to monitor compliance and ensure accuracy
  • Continue to stay updated on regulations in CO to ensure compliance when selling products to our distributor partner
  • Overseeing all fulfillment for incoming Purchase Orders for sales, along with Kit build outs for markets outside of CO. QA double check on everything before it leaves the facility and making sure it lines up with METRC
  • Coordinating with Accounting Dept regarding QuickBooks for all transactions inbound and outbound, and reporting as requested to the CFO and/or Owner
  • Responsible for communication to 3rd Party Accounting Firm for payroll details around Production Team and self
  • Supporting Sales/Marketing departments with assistance in MJM mailing list, email marketing campaigns, and potential customer interactions with accounts
  • Assist Production Manager in maintaining a clean office space
  • Monitor the company email addresses needed and any incoming voicemails for general questions/issues
  • Assist the CEO with creating HR documents and systems which can grow in line with the company’s growth


  • Minimum of 3 years managing production and admin aspects of business
  • Cannabis industry experience preferred or consistent exposure to the market
  • Effective management of a production team and/or facility a must
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
  • Ability to manage tasks and to exercise independent judgment without supervision
  • Proven success in collaborating with colleagues and interdepartmental personnel
  • Excellent organizational skills, multi-tasking, and project management skills required
  • Knowledge of the cannabis industry terms strongly encouraged
  • Experience with regulations and compliance issues required
  • Mathematical skills required to calculate margins, cost efficiencies, inventory needs, etc
  • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), desktop publishing programs. Ability to quickly learn any new software programs implemented as needed
  • Must possess a strong work ethic
  • Positive attitude maintained consistently
  • Strong code of ethics and high level of integrity
  • Must possess a flexible attitude to pivot when needed in an ever-changing, dynamic industry
  • Energetic self-starter who communicates and works well with others
  • Possesses strong leadership skills with a desire to always improve oneself and the team
  • Highly Competent with production and financial needs with an enthusiasm to continue to grow
  • Flexibility when joining a dynamic team, bringing fresh ideas while respecting company culture
  • Is honest & forthright in opinions and takes responsibility for his/her actions


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