6 Gardening Mobile Apps for Indoor & Outdoor Growing

Whether it be keeping tabs on your bank account or listening to your favorite band, we use our cell phones for just about everything today. In keeping with this trend, developers have created some exciting gardening mobile apps that help make home growing easy and approachable — even for the most novice cultivators.

From planning an indoor grow to keeping tabs on local weather, there are a ton of helpful gardening mobile apps available today. While some apps focus on very specific criteria like the location of the sun, others are dedicated to more general garden management. To get a better understanding of how mobile technology can help make home growing easier, M&F Talent reached out to our network to figure out the six most popular apps for indoor and outdoor growing.

1. Gardenize

Gardenize is one of the best all-around gardening mobile apps. gardening mobile apps

From the early planning phase all the way to harvest, you can rely on Gardenize to help you stay informed on your chosen crops, while also keeping your garden organized. This app allows you to keep detailed notes along with photographs to track important things like planting, watering, and troubleshooting.

One of Gardenize’s biggest selling points is the ability to create a public account that you can share with other growers. Not only does this make gardening a more social practice, but you get the input and expertise of a whole community of cultivators behind your garden.

2. From Seed to Spoon

When it comes to growing popular edible plants like vegetables and herbs, it’s difficult to beat From Seed to Spoon.

This popular mobile app takes a lot of the guesswork out of growing your own food. One of the coolest things about From Seed to Spoon is it integrates with your GPS location to give you gardening advice unique to your region. Besides helping you figure out how to organize your garden, the app also has a storehouse of information on pathogens and bugs.

Something else that really stands out about From Seed to Spoon is the app tells you the health benefits of different edible plants. From Seed to Spoon even includes healthy recipes for your favorite crops. This incredible mobile app does more than help you manage your garden, it also helps you plan a healthy diet!

3. iNaturalistgardening mobile apps

iNaturalist is an excellent app for people who enjoy social sharing and learning about the more scientific side of gardening.

Created by both National Geographic and the California Academy of Sciences, iNaturalist is used to identify plants, animals, and insects. To use the mobile app, simply take a picture and upload it to the platform. Once iNaturalist identifies the plant, you can access data about that particular species on the app, as well as get information from experts online.

For gardeners, iNaturalist offers a great way to engage with a global community of plant scientists. When it comes to dealing with bugs and invasive weeds, the information on this site is extremely valuable.

4. Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker is an incredible resource for outdoor growers who need help planning their gardens.

As the name implies, Sun Seeker is designed to keep careful tabs on the sun’s location at all times. This extremely popular app has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people and is widely used in industries as varied as real estate and photography. With Sun Seeker, you can view the “sun’s path in 3D augmented reality” or see how sunlight will shine on a particular place during different times of the day.

When planning your outdoor garden, you can use Sun Seeker to choose the location in your yard with the most optimal sunlight. You can also look to see how the sun’s position will change in relation to your property throughout the growing season.

5. Plantix

Plantix is one of the best gardening mobile apps for troubleshooting crops.

If you are having a hard time diagnosing issues in your garden, simply take a picture of the sick plant and upload the photo into Plantix. Whether it be nutrient deficiency or pests like spider mites, Plantix should be able to identify the problem, while also giving you precise directions to get your garden back on track.

While Plantix is immensely popular for “plant doctoring,” it is also a great garden management tool. Not only does the app provide critical information related to the preferred soil conditions and fertilizers for different crops, but Plantix also includes social sharing as well.

6. The Weather Channelgardening mobile apps

The Weather Channel mobile app is one of the most popular weather apps in the world.

From massive commercial farms to small home gardens, nobody can successfully grow crops outdoors without being able to read the weather. The Weather Channel app automatically updates its location with GPS tracking, giving you accurate forecasts wherever you go. You can even get hourly forecasts for important variables like temperature, humidity, precipitation, and wind speed.

The Weather Channel app will help you choose the right time to plant your crops regarding critical factors like freezing temperatures or major weather events. Moreover, it can help you plan your watering chores around forecasted rain to give you more flexibility in your schedule.

Summary of Gardening Mobile Apps

It’s amazing to see just how many things can be handled with mobile phones today. Whether you are an expert gardener or a newbie cultivator, there is certainly no shame in getting some extra help from mobile apps. When you look at everything that goes into growing a successful crop, it’s simply impossible to be an expert on every subject. While you might be great at setting up gardens, you might not have an eye for troubleshooting sick and diseased plants.

Besides practical advice on gardening, one of the coolest things about mobile apps is what they are capable of teaching you. If you really take your time to learn how to use these tools, you can greatly expand your knowledge on interesting topics like celestial movements and seasonal weather patterns. As you bring all this information back to your garden, it will greatly improve and sustain your ability for critical thinking in horticulture.

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