4 Types of Cannabis Jobs

Different Types of Cannabis Jobs for You to Consider

Cannabis jobs come in many forms. From hydroponic growers to extraction technicians to product sales and more, the industry needs a lot of help. Today, we’ll talk about different types of industry jobs to help you focus your cannabis job search in areas that matter most to you.

There are countless positions available in the cannabis industry – often too much for a single person to sort through. That’s why we’ve broken down jobs in the cannabis industry into different types of jobs – various sectors of the cannabis industry that may appeal to multiple demographics.

Cannabis Cultivation and Production

Those who wish to work directly with the product should consider applying for cannabis jobs like a hydroponic grower, extraction technician, or edibles manufacturer. There is a high demand for these positions, though, and they tend to be pretty labor-intensive, as well. For example, they often require employees to stand or kneel for hours at a time. Employees that directly handle cannabis products also require licensing from their residential state. Check local legislation to confirm your state’s cannabis employee requirements.

Cannabis Sales Reps

Job seekers who are naturally outgoing and charismatic will fair well with a cannabis sales position. These jobs include phone teams, sales representatives, territory managers, sales support, and supervisory roles. While those who directly sell cannabis products will likely need a state license, digital product promoters, or those who sell ancillary support, usually do not. Make no mistake, though – all of these sales positions are incredibly valuable to the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Industry Support

Ancillary cannabis jobs, or those designed to support the cannabis industry, is perhaps the broadest cannabis job type. Ancillary positions include accountants, lawyers, realtors, software and website development, HVAC and electrical technicians, graphic design, and more. Basically, any job that could help a cannabis company conduct business is an ancillary company – especially if they thoroughly understand how cannabis legislation directly relates to their specific field.

Cannabis Activism

The final type of cannabis job may not seem like much of a job at all, but it is vital to cannabis reform and is most certainly the backbone of the industry itself: cannabis activism. To be clear, activism is not for the faint of heart. Activists must stand on the frontlines and face profound scrutiny — sometimes even legal repercussions — to make their voices heard. Though the job is often unpaid in a monetary sense, it makes an excellent bullet point on a resume because it highlights dedication in the face of adversity.

Technical Jobs

It may come as a surprise to some, but the cannabis industry offers a plethora of technical career opportunities. Whether looking at cultivation and processing, or retail sales, the modern cannabis business is largely dependent on technical skills. As such, if you have experience as an electrical engineer or laboratory manager, the cannabis industry just might have the career path for you! Similarly, the cannabis space has ample opportunity for Information Technology (IT) professionals in both retail operations and production.

Choosing Which Cannabis Jobs are Best for You

Now that you know the different cannabis job types, we suggest conducting a personal inventory to decide which sector you’d most like to join. Additionally, consider things like work experience, hobbies, coursework, and volunteer opportunities and work them into your resume. Doing so helps display your passion for the plant and your dedication to the industry as a whole. If you need any help, we’d be happy to assist. Contact us today at info@mandfconsultants.com to get started.

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