Unique Character Traits that Cannabis Industry Employers Look For

Regardless of your career path, there are some skills you absolutely must have to find cannabis industry employment. Yes, hard skills (job-specific experience and expertise) are important, but it is your soft skills that really speak to your reliability and work ethic. The following are the most important soft skills employers look for when hiring cannabis employees.


Work can be unpredictable, especially in the cannabis space. Employers are especially likely to hire those with an ability to adapt quickly to regulatory and workflow changes. Other adjectives to use on a resume that relates to flexibility include punctuality, trainability, and work-life balance.


Complex problems often require creative solutions. Those who can quickly develop creative solutions are better equipped to follow a company through to success due to the variable nature of the cannabis industry. Adjectives to add to your cannabis resume that displays creative soft skills include critical thinking, innovation, resourcefulness.

Attention to Detail

There is no room for errors in the cannabis industry. As the industry continues to gain momentum with the mainstream, competition is growing increasingly fierce. Cannabis mployers must trust that their employees are detail-oriented if they are to grant them the workplace freedom they need to thrive and improve their employment status.

Good Communication

Communication means more than just speaking well. An effective communicator listens, empathizes, and uses appropriate body language depending on the environment and goal of the conversation. Cannabis industry professionals must always practice strong communication habits to both promote products and services and to address concerns with accurate information. Examples of communication soft skills include listening, negotiation, writing, and public speaking.

Team Player

A team player is not only cooperative with peers, but they are also able to lead when the role or environment requires it. Additional soft skills that make one a team player include accountability, project management, time management, and persuasiveness. Apply these in a new cannabis startup business and you are sure to rise right to the top.


The cannabis industry is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. Successful cannabis industry employees must be passionate enough to maintain endurance even when things look rough. Those who are passionate about the plant — not the profit — will witness the greatest success in the cannabis industry. As such, many medical marijuana advocates feel personally drawn to the cannabis space.

Cannabis Soft Skills Summary

The cannabis industry is a legitimate field comprised of hard-working professionals. If you want to gain cannabis industry employment, you must treat it like the powerful industry that it is. Not only must you have targeted hard skills for each role for which you apply, but you must also have the soft skills necessary for cannabis business success. While it may be tough to express your soft skills on a marijuana resume, you should always strive to display them during job interviews!

For help on your cannabis industry journey, contact Mac and Fulton. We’d love to talk to you about your experience, your career goals, and your role as a cannabis business professional. We can even help build your cannabis resume!