How to Nail Your Cannabis Job Interview

Tips on Cannabis Job Interview Success

As more businesses join the marijuana movement, the demand for marijuana business employees will continue to grow. Given the vast number of job applicants gunning for the same marijuana jobs, landing that first interview can seem like quite the accomplishment. But don’t celebrate just yet! If you have a cannabis job interview coming up, there are a few things you must do first to set yourself apart from the competition. Today we’ll discuss some easy ways to prepare for your next cannabis job interview:

Understand the Industry

Cannabis is a unique industry with many different expectations, regulations, and information between companies. Because rules are so important (and failure to adhere to them costly), it is important to have a strong understanding of local cannabis regulations. That being said, cannabis compliance is a huge deal in the industry and it’s vital that you are ready to respect these guidelines.

Whether you are looking to impress cannabis head hunters like M&F Talent, or applying with cannabis employers, knowing what you are talking about is the first step towards success. As such, please take a little extra time to do your homework. Finally, if you really want to stand out in a crowd of job applicants, we would recommend joining cannabis advocacy groups like NORML.

Use Appropriate Terminology

The cannabis industry follows a pretty standard set of linguistics. Study up on terms relevant to your sector to ensure you’re taken seriously at your cannabis job interview.

Though the terms you familiarize yourself will vary based on the role for which you are applying, some are standard across the board. For example, professional industry employees always use the term “cannabis” as opposed to the more slang term “marijuana.” Though some positions like cannabis writer or budtender often allow (even prefer) slang cannabis terms, when it comes to the interview process, stick with official terminology as often as possible. Other terms to familiarize yourself with include terpenes, cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system.

Research the Company

Researching your potential employer serves multiple purposes. First, it helps clarify which characteristics they find most valuable in an employee. Furthermore, company research can also help you prepare questions and talking points to use during your interview. Begin by studying the cannabis job listing itself. Next, search the internet for the general requirements of similar cannabis jobs.

We also recommend searching for the company on LinkedIn to determine who the cannabis company’s key players are. This might include managers, department directors, C-level executives, and so on. Other social media sites can provide insight into the company culture and brand voice, both of which come in handy when discussing your role within the company.

Be Professional

There is a massive demand for cannabis industry work, and weak links are quickly cut loose. Therefore, it is pertinent that you show up to your cannabis job interview on time (or early).  Also, remember to behave professionally and show great optimism for the position.

Finally, remember to dress appropriately (business casual) and ask a lot of interesting questions (this shows interest). Also, remember to enter and exit on a handshake.

Competition is fierce in the cannabis industry and many people want their piece of the pie. Make yourself stand out by proving your passion for cannabis and your drive to succeed in the industry.

If you are interested in learning more about successful cannabis job hunting, please contact us for more career guidance.

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