Director of Engineering and Product Management Job

Director of Engineering and Product Management Job

As a leading horticulture staffing agency, M&F Talent has several horticulture jobs available. Here is our latest career opportunity:

M&F Talent’s horticultural lighting client needs to fill a Director of Engineering and Product Management job. The individual will lead the company engineering team in the design, development, and enhancement of horticultural LED lighting products. The ideal candidate will additionally have a developed background in LED lighting design and manufacturing.

The position will feature high visibility to the executive team and will frequently deliver presentations to cross-functional audiences, including the executive team, board group, distributors partners, and end-users. As such, the role requires explaining the benefits of the technical features of the lighting products to customers. Hence, technical and communication skills are critical, as is the ability to build a strong and committed engineering team.  Previous management experience is also essential for the position. As such, our horticulture staffing team believes this career is more of a technical career compared to other horticulture jobs in the industry.

Location: Texas

Director of Engineering and Project Management Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop engineering team, including hiring and training staff
  • Manage engineers, technicians, and staff to provide product design and development, compliance, and sustaining activities
  • Design critical sub-systems
  • Work with customers, sales, and marketing as a technical product expert
  • Create specifications and marketing materials to explain our value
  • Study the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry
  • Monitor horticulture tech development trends and cutting-edge technologies
  • Manage the LED Fixture and Controls portfolio and product roadmap
  • Maintain leadership position in product efficiency, cost, and output for multiple form factors and applications
  • Contribute to the engineering team’s design efforts
  • Lead and motivate cross-functional teams to develop products and bring them to market on director of engineering and product management jobtime and budget, with best-in-class standards
  • Make product development plans based on input from leadership, sales, and market research
  • Participate in product testing to assess performance characteristics
  • Manage product development priorities to meet sales goals
  • Prepare product project proposals and detailed information sheets
  • Work on R&D while teaming with purchasing and production departments to ensure a smooth launch and scale of new products
  • Develop pricing recommendations based on product contribution and targets, product forecasts, and the overall product line and category
  • Monitor the light fixture supply chain and track the impact of engineering choices on costs and supply strategies
  • Display expertise in designated product lines by articulating product benefits to partners and industry writers/editors. Additionally, serve as a champion for designated products
  • Study impact of environmental controls in horticultural lighting schematics
  • Champion new product introductions by engaging and organizing the entire organization
  • Work with marketing and engineering on product assets and campaigns. This includes briefing, contributing/consulting to the creative process, reviewing and approving product collateral, and maintaining an executable plan
  • Hit launch dates without compromising quality
  • Understand the nuances of cultivation technology
  • Travel up 20% for customer visits, industry events, etc.


  • B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE preferred)
  • Three years of leadership experience
  • Five years of experience with LED lighting product management. Preferred knowledge and experience in industrial and commercial LED fixtures and the ability to understand and interpret relevant engineering drawings and technical documents.
  • Experience with product launches, product management, and problem-solving
  • Understanding of greenhouse systems, vertical farming operations, and hydroponics cultivation (preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of manufacturing processes and DFM process
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with varied scope and complexity
  • Experience and understanding of wireless lighting control systems and concepts and how they impact fixture design
  • Ability to create innovative ideas and products through the design process while recognizing the influences of manufacturing, sales, cost, and timing
  • Demonstrated ability to lead, guide, coach, mentor, and train team members
  • Proven project management skills


If you would like to apply for the Director of Engineering and Product Management Job or any of our horticulture jobs,  please follow this link.

Additionally, if you would like to see other M&F Talent career opportunities or learn more about our horticulture staffing operations, please go to our Jobs Section.

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