Hemp Director of Cultivation Job

Hemp Director of Cultivation Job

As a top hemp recruiting agency, M&F Talent has a number of hemp jobs available. Here is our latest career opportunity:

M&F Talent has a client in the hemp industry that is looking to fill a Hemp Director of Cultivation Job. The position requires the oversight of a 1,000-acre outdoor hemp farm, including the management of agricultural procedures, irrigation practices, employee teams, and more. Daily updates to management are required to consistently discuss horticultural processes. Experience in commercial agriculture/horticulture and cannabis cultivation is required. Our hemp recruiting team feels this position requires more large-scale management experience than most hemp jobs.

Location: Reno, NV

Hemp Director of Cultivation Job Responsibilities:

  • Managing a team that handles all aspects of cultivation in a large-scale greenhouse and hoop house grow facility.
  • Managing a team that handles all aspects of cultivation in a commercial, outdoor hemp cultivation operation.
  • Careful assessment of irrigation practices in relation to environmental constraints.
  • Study the hemp business to understand opportunities and potential downfalls.
  • Outlining specific roles and responsibilities for plant technicians and work with management to build a team.
  • Assisting management in the creation of SOPs, maintaining plant growing protocols, following nutrient regiments, and driving to improve growing techniques and yields.
  • Study water sources and soil mixes in developing ideal fertilization programs.
  • Working with the Operations Manager to perform all cultivation tracking and record-keeping functions within the seed to sale electronic system in compliance with the department’s rules and regulations.
  • Managing plant scheduling to accurately project all growing requirements on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to maximize high-quality yield with efficiency and attention to production costs.
  • Maintaining irrigation, climate control systems, cleaning, sanitation, in greenhouses.
  • Oversee daily horticulture operations in hemp fields.
  • Design and implement hazard action plans and alert management if there are issues.
  • Implementing routine daily activities required to ensure plant maintenance and general operation of the cultivation areas.
  • Organize the harvest team and schedule cannabis harvest season activities.
  • Work with outside vendors in acquiring proper cultivation and harvest equipment.Hemp director of cultivation job


  • Commercial agriculture/horticulture experience (7 years).
  • Commercial cannabis/hemp production (3 years).
  • Employee management experience (5 years).
  • BA in Agriculture, Horticulture, or similar field.
  • Operations management mindset as well as a team builder.
  • Experience with commercial fertilizer programs.
  • Mastery of soil or peat cultivation methods and irrigation methods (hand-water, sub-irrigation, drip systems).
  • Knowledge of large-scale commercial plan plant growing, including crop rotation. management, nutrient requirements, mediums, cultivation technology, and environmental controls.
  • Knowledge of plant diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies and toxicity.
  • Advanced knowledge of the hemp/cannabis plant and genetics.
  • Must be adept at industry best-practices and current on new cultivation techniques.
  • Must be experienced in transplanting, defoliation, topping, irrigating, pest management, harvesting, drying, trimming, waste disposal and inventory management.
  • Hemp Director of Cultivation must be at least 21 years of age.
  • No violent felony convictions (DUI okay).
  • Willing to participate in an extensive background check.
  • Trustworthy and honest.
  • Ability to effectively plan and prioritize.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and calmly.


If you would like to apply for the Hemp Director of Cultivation job, or any of our hemp jobs, please follow this link.

To see other M&F Talent career opportunities, or learn more about our hemp recruiting operations, please go to our Jobs Section.

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