Horticultural Lighting Market Manager Job

Horticultural Lighting Market Manager Job 

As a leading horticulture staffing agency, M&F Talent has a number of horticulture jobs available. Here is our latest job opportunity:

M&F Talent has a client in lighting manufacturing that needs to fill a Horticultural Lighting Market Manager job. Our client is well established in the traditional lighting industry, with a successful track record in both commercial and residential lighting design. They are interested in carving out a market share in the horticulture space. To this end, they are looking for the right candidate to help them build relationships with customers in cannabis cultivation, vertical farming, urban agriculture, and controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

This position offers career stability in a volatile marketplace, as well as the chance to make an impact in the new horticultural division or our client’s business. Our horticulture staffing experts feel this position requires more market knowledge than most horticulture jobs.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Horticultural Lighting Market Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • Create overall sales and marketing plans for product lines
  • Assess market segments and growth and act accordingly
  • Advise senior management about the nuances of the controlled environment agriculture industry
  • Network with potential clients in cannabis, CEA, and greenhouse production
  • Develop a roadmap for product launches with specific goals in mind
  • Work with the marketing team in developing targeted campaigns
  • Develop price points for horticultural lighting products
  • Create distribution channels for cultivation clients and garden supply stores
  • Consistently meet sales goals each quarterhorticultural lighting market manager job
  • Study competitors in the indoor gardening segment
  • Remain up-to-speed on cultivation technology advancement


  • BA Degree in Business or similar subject
  • 5 years of experience in the horticulture/hydroponics industry
  • 3 years of sales experience in horticulture/hydroponics industry
  • Mastery over environmental controls, fertigation systems, and other cultivation technology
  • Well versed in product development and new market entry
  • Team player with a confident view of the future
  • Ability to develop roadmaps to success with other horticulture professionals
  • Experience in horticultural lighting field (preferred)
  • Understanding of the medical marijuana industry (preferred)


If you would like to apply for the Horticultural Lighting Market Manager job, or any of our horticulture jobs, please follow this link.

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