Water Filtration Field Tech Job

Water Filtration Field Tech Job

M&F Talent has a client in commercial water purification who is looking to fill a Water Filtration Field Tech job. Our client’s primary customer base is in the horticulture field, including cannabis, CEA, indoor gardening, and greenhouse operations. The position is responsible for utilizing water filtration knowledge to troubleshoot equipment and handle customer relations across these verticals. Our horticulture staffing experts feel this position is more of a technical career than seen with most horticulture jobs.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Water Filtration Field Tech Job Responsibilities: 

  • Communicate confident understanding of home and commercial water filtration designs to customers
  • Troubleshoot water filtration systems in horticulture settings, including aquaponics and vertical farming
  • Work hand-in-hand with R+D department in understanding equipment functions and applications
  • Describe environmental drawbacks and benefits of reverse-osmosis systems to customer base
  • The Water Filtration Field Tech job requires travel of 1-2 days a week for field service calls
  • Explain benefits of filtered water for horticultural operations involving TDS (total dissolved solids) and PPM (parts per million)
  • Speak confidently about filtered water applications in conjunction with nutrient / fertilizer regiments
  • Communicate an understanding of valves, pumps, and electrical connections involved in commercial and home-based irrigation systems
  • Conceptualize customer’s irrigation and filtration systems from a distance and problem solve accordingly
  • Describe electrical and water requirements for specific filtration units to customers
  • Work with upper management pursuing the overall goals and visions of the company
  • Pay careful attention to the controlled environment agriculture and urban agriculture industries.

Water Filtration Field Tech Job Qualifications: 

Water Filtration Field Tech job

  • Technical knowledge: water filtration systems and cultivation technology
  • B.A. in engineering or similar field is desired but not required
  • Customer relations experience is a necessity
  • Communications skills and confident speaking ability a must
  • Experience in water filtration industry required: agricultural irrigation, home-based RO systems, large scale aquariums, pool / water-feature installations
  • Interest in the cannabis industry.
  • Knowledge about the hydroponics industry and the use water based or water soluble of nutrient / fertilizer mixes is strongly desired


If you would like to apply for the Water Filtration Field Tech Job, please follow this link.

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