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Do you want a job in the cannabis industry but are having a difficult time explaining your skill-sets on a resume in a way which is relevant in the cannabis space? At Mac & Fulton, we’ve come to appreciate the complexities of the cannabis job market as it begins to grow out of its infancy. Dealing with numbers of client businesses and candidates over the years has reinforced our opinion that qualified employees are vital to the success, and maturation, of the cannabis space. Yet, we have noticed that those candidates whom cannot properly exhibit their cannabis knowledge or explain their relevant skill-sets on a resume have a difficult time breaking into the industry.

Mac & Fulton has designed a resume writing package for those talented aspirants whom need some extra guidance in explaining their skills in a fashion which are transferable and palpable to cannabis industry employers. As we are constantly speaking with industry leaders and hopeful applicants on both ends of the hiring spectrum, we feel we are in a unique position to offer this service.

Mac & Fulton Resume Service Includes:

  • In-depth interview process between candidates and Mac & Fulton
  • Competency based analysis of candidate’s skill-sets
  • Critically directed application of candidate’s talents within the cannabis space
  • Career advice based on transferable talents and aptitudes
  • Extensive editing process based on candidate goals and aspirations
  • Customized resume geared specifically towards a cannabis/hydroponics industry career

Contact for the following:

  • Examples of M&F cannabis directed custom resumes (before and after)
  • M&F Resume Service pricing
  • Questions about our resume writing process

Published Works 

At Mac & Fulton Talent Partners, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable on a variety of facets of the indoor gardening and cannabis industries. Most importantly, by having a strong grasp on current cannabis/hydroponics industry employment news and business trends, we can provide our candidates with sound guidance in their career searches. In the same vein, our client companies understand that our knowledge of the cannabis and indoor gardening businesses is verifiable by industry peers in such magazines as Maximum Yield. Mac & Fulton’s understanding of the cannabis space is explicit in the works that we have published in industry leading publications—which cover a variety of topics from cultivation to resume writing. Please “click” on the links below to read some of our works:

HydroLife Magazine August/September 2017: “The Legacy of the Hippie Trail” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine August 2017: “Maximizing the Placement of Your Grow Tent Equipment” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine July 2017: “Hand Watering and Drip System: Combinations for Outdoor Growing” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

HydroLife Magazine June/July 2017: “How Cannabis Branding is Changing” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

HydroLife Magazine June/July 2017: “Weed 101: Why More Professional Training in the Cannabis Industry is Needed” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

HydroLife Magazine June/July 2017: “Current Cannabis Job Market: Why People are having a Tough Time Finding Work” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine July 2017: “Affordable Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool this Summer” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine July 2017: “Hand Watering and Drip System: Combinations for Outdoor Growing” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine June 2017: “Hydroponics Economics: Pricing out a Hydroponics System” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine June 2017: “How to Start Your Summer Outdoor Growing Season Early” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine May 2017: “At Home Desalinization Techniques” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine April 2017: “The Perfect Setting: Deciding Between Grow Tents and Grow Rooms” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine March 2017: “Back in Black: The Basics of Light Deprivation Gardening” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

HydroLife Magazine February/March 2017: “Dispensary Etiquette” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

HydroLife Magazine February/March 2017: “Translating Your Personal Cannabis Growing Into Resume Format” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine February 2017: “Tips for Wintertime Greenhouse Gardening” (By: K. Gruetzmacher) 

Maximum Yield Magazine January 2017: “Baby its Cold Outside: Tips for Wintertime Indoor Gardening” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)

Maximum Yield Magazine January 2017: “5 New Year’s Resolutions for Indoor Growers” (By: K. Gruetzmacher) September 2016: “Five Qualities Important for Employment in the Cannabis Industry” (By: K. Gruetzmacher)



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