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“Hydrofarm has been using Mac & Fulton for over a year filling key technical job placements; I have found them to be a very responsive and efficient recruiting firm providing potential candidates within a few days of our request. Their communication regarding potential candidates is excellent and after filling positions we get timely follow ups on the progress and fit of each new hire, I highly recommend their services.”

- Robert P. | RA/QC Manager - Hydrofarm  

“Finding a dream job can be a daunting task. With all of the cannabis specific job boards and fairs, I thought it would be easy find a job in the industry. However, after submitting my resume to many job boards and career sites and even just emailing people in the industry, I found it was still difficult for me to land the job that I really wanted. Then I connected with Mac and Fulton. They are professional and very friendly and cared about what I had to say. I expressed to them what I was interested in doing and where I wanted to go and a week or so later they had found something that met my specifications! Mac and Fulton put me in contact with the company and have even kept in touch every step of the way. These guys are here to help!”

- Kyle K. | Lead R+D Organic Nutrient Line

“We have been working with Kent since 2016 and have published several of his works on a wide variety of subjects relating to indoor growing, medicinal cannabis, and business for our three flagship magazines. Kent has proven himself to be knowledgeable about his subjects, organized, professional in his work ethic, and enjoyable to work with. His work has been a welcome addition to our publications.”

-Toby Gorman | Editor-in-Chief: Maximum Yield, HydroLife, Maximum Yield INews 

“My company has enjoyed the professionalism and hands-on approach that Mac & Fulton uses in the recruiting process. We wouldn’t use anyone else to aid in staffing advice and help for our clients in the cannabis industry.”

Aaron Perlman | Vice President, SalesColorado Grow Co

Company Information

At Mac & Fulton Talent Partners, our goal is to put our collective experience in the recruitment and horticulture businesses to work for our client companies. Point being, we combine an intensive industry network with innovative candidate recruitment tools in the acquisition of exceptional talent. This process allows our client companies to focus on what they do best: run their businesses.

Mac & Fulton’s Principal Recruiter and Team Leader, Mike Ruane, has over ten years’ of experience in professional/executive recruitment and account management. Mike has been an extremely successful recruiter and relationship manager within a variety of industries including engineering, product design & development, IT, power transmission & distribution, and international supply chain & logistics.  Mike has formal training in advanced search and recruitment techniques and has managed hundreds of searches that range from individual contributors, to director-level professionals.

Utilizing his advanced candidate sourcing techniques, and leveraging a network of business connections, Mike is enjoying the transition as a top-level recruiter the new and growing horticulture industry.

Mac & Fulton’s Director of Business Development, Kent Gruetzmacher M.F.A, provides our recruitment team with a decade of experience in the medical cannabis culture. With extensive roots in the California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado horticulture industries he practices recruiting from well-established personal networks. Furthermore, Kent is a respected cannabis and horticulture industry writer—contributing to an array of online and print publications. His diverse portfolio features a wide variety of topics including: business, recruitment, culture, employment, indoor gardening, horticulture, and strain reviews. One of Kent’s primary focuses in his writing is the critical assessment of candidate experience and the marketing of candidate skill-sets in the novel cannabis space. He currently writes for Maximum Yield Magazine, Hydrolife Magazine, Ganjapreneur.com, and The Fresh Toast.com.

At Mac & Fulton, we realize that creativity is essential in recruiting and developing business relationships in the brand-new cannabis marketplace. As a result, we’ve devised forward-looking recruitment methods for isolating candidate aptitudes and presenting them in resumes and business personas. To illustrate, Kent recently wrote a piece for HydroLife Magazine that discusses how candidates can market their home-based cannabis horticulture experience in a traditional resume. Here is a link to the article:

HydroLife Magazine. February/March 2017: “Experienced Growers Need Only Apply: Translating Your Personal Cannabis Growing Into Resume Format


For more information on Kent’s published works and writing craft please look to our “Published Works” section as well as www.kentgruetzmacher.com.

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