Mac & Fulton Talent Partners was founded by highly qualified staffing industry professionals from a variety of industries including product design, systems engineering, and international logistics. To complement our recruiting knowledge, we reinforced our consulting team with indoor gardening, hydroponics, and medical marijuana experts. Consequently, our recruiting team provides a balanced equilibrium between the traditional executive search firm and contemporary cannabis consultants.

Mac & Fulton utilizes tailored search methods based on well-developed personal relationships nurtured within the established medical marijuana industry. This notion is important because, our extensive network in California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado provides access to “passive candidates”— executive level hydroponics authorities inaccessible on job boards.

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the nation, the need for qualified professionals to fill hydroponics industry staffing needs will continue to rise. At Mac & Fulton, one of our primary aims is to isolate talent from the established arenas of medical marijuana production and translate this experience to fit novel industry job needs. Consequently, to efficiently aid with client staffing needs we adopt the role of trusted partner and advisor by developing qualified and vetted candidate profiles.

As seen with success stories in the medical marijuana business, Mac & Fulton believes a successful organization’s strength and versatility are dependent upon its most valuable assets: employees. Business executive Russel Reynolds states: “[t]here are three things that make a business successful: a good idea, capital, and the people who make it all happen. In my view, it is the last ingredient that makes a critical difference and is the key to ultimate success. It is also the hardest to find.”  With this in mind, we see that an organization’s leadership develops value from the executive level down. Consequently, a robust leadership team provides a vision and roadmap for their employees to follow as they mature in their respective positions. This instrumental development of talent within all facets of staffing directly converts into greater value for hydroponics industry businesses – both short-term and long-term.

With a personalized approach to hydroponics industry recruiting, we pride ourselves on the notion that business relationships and staffing goals are dependent upon more than simply qualifications on a resume. Rather, an individual’s goals, visions, and strategies must be compatible, holistically, with the corporate culture and staffing needs of a specific organization. To ensure this, we employ cutting-edge assessment tools to ensure that a candidate’s talents and personality will complement those of a corresponding team and business philosophy—from the executive level to the warehouse floor.

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